August 28, 1850, East Worcester, New York.

July 30, 1927, Maximo, St. Petersburg, Florida, or Elgin, Illinois (sources differ).

Bluff City Cemetery, Elgin, Illinois.

Courtesy of World Sunday School

David was the son of Ezra Sprague Cook and Permelia Milk, and husband of Marguerite Murat.

He began his publishing career as a printer’s devil (an apprentice in his father’s print shop). In 1875, David and Marguerite founded the David C. Cook Publishing Company, which grew out of a sewing machine apparatus business he started in his father’s print shop. When the Great Chicago Fire destroyed the business in 1871, he restarted it, then established the publishing company.

Its first printing plant was on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. It became a leading evangelical publishing house, churning out large amounts of literature for churches and Sunday Schools. As of 2015, the company was based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Cook’s works include:

  1. Walking with God
  2. All Is Well, My Soul
  3. Alone Through Thee Is Victory
  4. Be the Present Dark or Bright
  5. Bright Is the Pilgrim Way
  6. Children of the Light
  7. Dear Jesus, Keep Me Ever
  8. Draw Me Close to Thee, Lord
  9. First Thoughts for Jesus
  10. Have You Heard of the Wonderful Jesus?
  11. I Am His
  12. I Am Longing, Precious Jesus
  13. Is There Sadness in Your Gladness?
  14. Keep Me with Thee
  15. Many Summers Have Departed
  16. May Jesus Be with You
  17. My Heart Is Bright
  18. My Heart It Is Bright
  19. Not as I Will, Dear Christ
  20. O Paradise, Blest Paradise
  21. O Wondrous Love, the Father’s Love
  22. O He Shall Preserve
  23. Once Again You Are Among Us
  24. Only by Him I Walk
  25. Out of Sin’s Sad Bondage
  26. Rest, There Is Rest
  27. Sinner Friend, Your Feet Are Standing
  28. Sweet Is the Journey
  29. Friends Who Have Crossed O’er, The
  30. There’s a Beautiful Land Far Away in the Skies
  31. Walking with God
  32. We Are Coming to the Light
  33. We Are Parting
  34. What Is It Keeps Me
  35. What, O What Have I Beside Thee?
  36. Worlds on Worlds Are in His Keeping
  37. Would You Have Your Life All Sunshine?