July 15, 1861, Evansville, Wisconsin.

October 17, 1938, Canton, Maine.

Silverbrook Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware.


Cooper was living in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (1870); Buchanan, Michigan (1880); and Hortonville Village, Wisconsin (1900). He pastored at the Hortonville Community Baptist Church from September 1, 1897 to April 1, 1901. In May 1922, he became pastor of the Baptist church in Ira, Vermont. His works include:

  1. Again We Come with Birds and Flowers
  2. Around Thee, Blessed Savior
  3. As You Travel o’er Life’s Pathway
  4. Blessed Jesus, Make Me Holy
  5. Blessed Thought, How Sweet to Ponder
  6. Can a Boy Forget His Mother?
  7. Come to Me, Come to Me
  8. Dear Lord, I Give Myself to Thee
  9. Dear Lord, Increase My Faith, I Pray
  10. Earth Has Its Many Clouds
  11. Examine Thyself, Dear Sinner
  12. Go Gather Them in from the Byways of Sin
  13. Go Work with Your Might
  14. Have You Not Heard of a Happy Home?
  15. Have You Not Heard of That Beautiful Home?
  16. I Am Weary, Lord, and the Day Seems Long
  17. I Have Been to Jesus for Rest Today?
  18. I Know Not Why There’s Death and Sighs
  19. I Shall Reach the Land
  20. I Was an Outcast
  21. If All Those Things We Value Most
  22. If of Those Unpictured Glories
  23. I’m Glad That My Savior from Heaven Came Down
  24. In Looking Back o’er the Years Gone By
  25. In Scotland Stood a Humble Home
  26. In the Conflict Now Being Waged with Sin
  27. In the Evanescent Beauty of the Early Morning
  28. In the Way of Truth and Light
  29. I’ve a Message True and Grand
  30. I’ve the Blest Assurance in My Heart Today
  31. Jesus Has Saved Me
  32. Jesus, Lord, May My Conception
  33. Jesus, My Soul Delights to Adore Thee
  34. Jesus Stands at Mercy’s Gate
  35. Keep Close to Jesus
  36. Let Us Bury Our Sadness
  37. Life Has Its Sorrows
  38. Lo, My Name Is Written in the Lamb’s Book of Life
  39. Lo the Midnight Hour Swiftly Hastens On
  40. Lord Jehovah Reigns, The
  41. Lord, to My Wayward Heart
  42. Marvelous Gospel, and One You Need, A
  43. My Life Is Filled with Blessings
  44. Nearer, Loving Savior
  45. No Righteous Works Which I Have Done
  46. Now as Evening Shadows Hover
  47. O, Cling to the Bible
  48. O How Precious Is the Word
  49. O How Sweet It Will Be to Be There
  50. O I Often Sit and Wonder
  51. O Listen, Do You Hear?
  52. O My Savior, Hear Me
  53. O the Soul Is Like a Garden Overgrown
  54. O Wonderful Story
  55. O’erwhelmed with Amazement at Jesus I Gaze
  56. Oft Hard to Bear the Toil and Struggle Here
  57. On a Night All Dark and Lonely
  58. On the World He Redeemed
  59. One Step at a Time Life’s Mountain We Climb
  60. Our Life Is Like an Upward Grade
  61. Rushing Down the Mountain
  62. Savior Died on Calvary, The
  63. Sing Aloud with Gladness
  64. Sinner, Art Thou Weary of a Life of Sin?
  65. Sinner, Christ to You Is Saying
  66. Sinner, Come, O Come
  67. Sinner Doomed to Die, A
  68. Some Day to Earth I’ll Bid Adieu
  69. Soul Is a Wonderful Temple, The
  70. Stranger and a Foreigner, A
  71. Sunlight Now Is Gleaming
  72. Sunned with Cloudless Hopes of Glory
  73. Surrender to Jesus, Just Now
  74. Surrender to Jesus Today
  75. Tenderly Care for the Children
  76. There Are Many Who Struggle and Toil
  77. There Is a Home Whose Grandeur
  78. Thou, God of Majesty and Power
  79. ’Tis a Wondrous Contemplation
  80. ’Twas Wondrous Grace That Saved My Soul
  81. Wafted Down the Ages
  82. We Need Not Wait Until We Pass
  83. What Will You Do with Jesus?
  84. What Wondrous Fields of Beauty
  85. When in the Far Distant Ages Gone By
  86. When Jesus First Saved Me
  87. When Shall Close the Earth’s Long Ages
  88. When the Gorgeous Tints of Morning
  89. When We Meet Beyond the River
  90. When You Strive to Do a Deed
  91. While Sitting by My Lonely Fireside
  92. Whiter Than the Snow
  93. Would You Reach Some Useful Plain?
  1. Christian’s Inheritance, The
  2. My Gift to Jesus
  3. Wonderful Peace

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