1. Brought By Your Hand to the Edge of Our Dreams
  2. Come to Me, Come to Us
  3. Gather, Disciples, Your Master to Meet
  4. Happy Are They Whose Way Is Blameless
  5. Happy Is He Whose Sin Is Forgiven
  6. Here in This World Where Darkness Surrounds Us
  7. Hold Us in Your Mercy
  8. In Days to Come the Desert Shall Bloom
  9. In My Hour of Despair, Bereft and Betrayed
  10. Lamb of God, You Take Away the Sins of the World
  11. Long Was I Waiting for God
  12. Look to God When You Are Sure
  13. Lord, You Are My Shepherd
  14. Maker’s Love Poured Out from Heaven
  15. My Soul Cries Out with a Joyful Shout
  16. My Soul Is Longing for God
  17. O the Weary World Is Trudging
  18. O You Who Taught the Mud to Dream
  19. Other Spirits, Lesser Gods
  20. Rejoice, You Saints, in God
  21. There Is a Mountain, There Is a Sea
  22. This Bread Is Spirit
  23. This Is the Bread of Israel’s Wandering
  24. Up from the Earth, and Surging Like a Wave
  25. Wealth Can Be an Idol
  26. What God Has Spoken I Will Declare
  27. When I See the Heavens
  28. When They Heard That Jesus Was Coming
  29. Where Ever There Is Charity
  30. Wherever You Go, I Will Follow
  31. Whom Shall We Live For?
  32. Windfall of Way-Bread Scattered on Sand
  33. Your Presence All Around Them