1849, New Brunswick, Indiana.

December 20, 1920.

Son of James Coombs and Eliza Graves, Coombs attended the Academy of Ladoga and the Philadelphia School of Oratory and elocution. He graduated from Central Indiana Normal School in 1877, and the University of Chicago in 1882. He taught school for several years, and was president of both Central Indiana Normal School and East Illinois College, Danville, Illinois. He became a professor of history and literature at Eureka College, Eureka, Illinois, in 1883. He was a well known lecturer and evangelist. His works include:

  1. Be Not Discouraged
  2. Bless the Lord
  3. Follow Me
  4. Happy Children
  5. In a Dreary Land I Wander
  6. In the Dawning of That Day Not Far Away
  7. Lord Has Saved Me from My Sins, The
  8. We Come This Sacred Day
  9. Wonderful Savior of Love, The