1884, Greenville, South Carolina.

After 1915.


At age 15, Cook’s health began to fail, and she became a helpless invalid. I remember thinking as I lay on the hospital cot, if I live to get well, I will pray more; I could not even think as it was. I used to look at my white-capped nurses and wish that someone would tell me the old, old story.

Health and strength gradually returning, she took up the work she had mapped out for herself, and became a recognized author and poet. For some years she contributed to school, church, and literary publications. Her articles appeared in The Designer, The National Sunday School Times, Churchman, and other publications.

  1. As Thy Will Is Done in Heaven
  2. Come with Thy Burdens
  3. Death Is Gain to Those Who Trust in Jesus
  4. Even in the Darkness I Will Not Despair
  5. From Every Land We’ll Gather Home
  6. I Have Grace When I Am Tempted
  7. I Know the Gift of Peace and Rest
  8. I Want to Follow Jesus
  9. Let’s Keep a Day for Mother
  10. Let’s Live More for the Song of Life
  11. Life Were as Nothing Without Thee
  12. Lord, if Thou Wilt, O Make
  13. Morning Star, The
  14. Somebody Knows Your Burdens
  15. The Little Flowers Are Blooming
  16. ’Tis Not the Shining Walls
  17. When Love Is Spelt with Letters
  18. Won’t You Believe?