October 7, 1834, Warren, Massachusetts.

October 18, 1918, Highwood, New Jersey.

Bristol Center Cemetery, Canandaigua, New York.


Converse attended the academy at Elmira, New York. In 1855, he went to Germany to study music under Plaidy, Richter, and Hauptman, and enjoyed the friendships of Franz Liszt and Louis Spohr. He received his law degree in 1861 from Albany University and in 1895, his LLD from Rutherford College. He worked as an attorney in Erie, Pennsylvania. He wrote a number of pieces of music, including tunes for Ira Sankey & William Bradbury. His works include:

  1. Give Yourself to Jesus Wholly
  2. God for Us, Our Nation’s Hope
  3. Once I Never Thought of Jesus
  4. Our Royal Christmas Gift
  5. Warm Heart of Jesus, The
  6. Yield Thy Heart to Jesus
  1. Chevy Chase
  2. Erie
  3. Hillhurst
  4. Kaunas
  5. Kilauea
  6. Lead Me On
  7. Semarang
  8. Sherlock