No­vem­ber 5, 1838, New York Ci­ty.

Af­ter 1887.

Harriet was the daugh­ter of Jon­a­than Con­rey, and grand­daugh­ter of Pe­ter Con­rey, pre­cent­or of the Gold Street Bap­tist Church in New York Ci­ty.

She was bap­tized by Tho­mas Ar­mi­tage, pas­tor of the Fifth Av­e­nue Baptist Church, and lat­er at­tend­ed the Park Av­e­nue Bap­tist Church in Plain­field, New Jer­sey.

She taught for a while, but ill health obliged her to turn to oth­er pur­suits.

  1. Jesus On­ly
  2. O Lord, Awak­ened by Thy Word