February 29, 1890, Palermo, Italy.

September 11, 1966, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Son of Gaetano and Clorinda Conte, Paolo’s musical gift was displayed early: He began improvising on the piano at age four. He studied music in Venice under Tagliapietra, Wolf-Ferrari, and Busoni, and earned a master’s degree in psychology and doctorate in musicology at the University of Padua.

In August 1914, Conte went to the University of North Dakota to teach piano and composition at Wesley College. In 1923, he became Dean of Fine Arts at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. In 1936, he accepted a position at the University of Wichita in Kansas. While there, he also served as Minister of Music at the First Baptist Church in Wichita.

In 1952, Conte moved to a summer home in Colorado Springs, in semi-retirement. He played the organ at Audubon Heights Baptist Church in Colorado Springs and taught piano in the Pikes Peak region.

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