De­cem­ber 7, 521, Garten, County Donegal, Ireland.

June 9, 597, Iona, Scotland.

Iona, Scotland.


A member of Clan O’Neill, Co­lum­ba descended from Irish royalty. He studied at the monastic school of Mo­ville under Fin­i­an, then at Lein­ster under Gem­man.

Upon entering the monastery at Clo­nard, he became a priest. In 563, he went to Scotland, where he became the Abbot of Iona and converted the northern Picts to Christianity.

He was also reported to be one of the first to see the so called Loch Ness Monster.

  1. Deus Pater Credentium
  2. In Aonasán Dom Ins an Sliabh’
    • Alone with None but Thee, My God
  3. In Te, Christe, Credentium
  4. Altus Prosator, Vetustus
    • The Father Exalted, Ancient of Days, Unbegotten
  5. Christus Redemptor Omnium