Ap­ril 14, 1782, Black­heath Hill, Kent, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 8, 1854, Peck­ham, Cam­ber­well, Sur­rey, Eng­land.

Orig­in­al­ly at Ha­no­ver Chapel, Bright­on, Eng­land. Re­inter­red in Nun­head Ce­me­te­ry, Lin­den Grove, South­wark, Lon­don.

At age 16, Coll­yer be­gan stu­dy­ing for the min­is­try at Ho­mer­ton College.

Four years lat­er, he be­gan his min­is­try at Peck­ham, and in 1801, he was or­dained pas­tor of a small church of 10 com­mu­ni­cants.

From 1814–26, he was al­so pas­tor of a church meet­ing in Sal­ter’s Hall. On June 17, 1817, a new cha­pel was opened for him at Peck­ham, where he served the rest of his life.

His works in­clude:

  1. Angels That Watched Round the Tomb, The
  2. Angels Watched ov­er the Tomb, The
  3. Another Fleet­ing Day Is Gone
  4. Assembled at Thy Great Com­mand
  5. By the Thought­less World De­rid­ed
  6. Cease, Ye Mourn­ers, Cease to Lang­uish
  7. Daughter of Ang­uish, Child of Woe
  8. Dawning Day at Length Ap­pears, The
  9. Day Is Far Spent, The
  10. Deign This Un­ion to Ap­prove
  11. Faith I Need, O Lord, Be­stow It
  12. Father of Mer­cies, God of Love
  13. Father of the Hu­man Race
  14. From His Low Bed of Mor­tal Dust
  15. Great God, What Do I See and Hear?
  16. Happy the Chris­tian Fa­mi­ly
  17. Hark! Hark, He Comes!
  18. Haste, Tra­vel­er, Haste!
  19. High on the Mount the Sav­ior Stands
  20. I Leave the World with Will­ing Feet
  21. I Soon Shall Ac­comp­lish My Race
  22. It Is the Voice of Love Di­vine
  23. Jesus, Thou Shep­herd of the Sheep
  24. Lord, in This Dark, This Aw­ful Hour
  25. Morning Breaks up­on the Tomb
  26. Night Shall Hear Me Raise My Song, The
  27. O Jesu, in This Sol­emn Hour
  28. O Thou, the Help­less Or­phan’s Hope
  29. O Thou Whose Beams Se­rene­ly Bright
  30. On Ta­bor’s Top the Sav­ior Stands
  31. Return, O Wan­der­er, Re­turn
  32. Round the Aw­ful Tomb We Stand
  33. Saints for Whom the Sav­ior Bled
  34. See the Clouds up­on the Moun­tains
  35. Soft Be the Gent­ly Breath­ing Notes
  36. That Sol­emn Hour Will Sure­ly Come
  37. Think, O Ye, Who Fond­ly Lang­uish
  38. Thou Prince of Glo­ry, Slain for Me
  39. To the Cross Where Je­sus Dies
  40. United Pray­ers As­cend to Thee
  41. When Bend­ing o’er the Brink of Life
  42. When Dread­ful o’er a Mourn­ing Land
  43. When I Tread the Mor­tal Vale
  44. When on the Brink of Death
  45. Ye Saints, As­sist Me in My Song
  46. Young Men Ex­hort, the Apos­tle Said
  1. Great God, When I Ap­proach Thy Throne