April 28, 1827, Barningham, Yorkshire, Eng­land.

January 29, 1919, Coalville, North Leicester, Eng­land.

Mount St. Bernard Abbey, Coalville, North Leicester, Eng­land.

Son of Rev. Thomas Collins, Henry graduated from Oxford (MA 1854), and was ordained an Anglican priest in 1853, but moved to Roman Catholicism in November 1857. In 1860, he joined the Cistercian Order, and in 1861, entered Mount St. Bernard Abbey, Coalville, North Leicester. He lived there until 1882, when he was appointed chaplain to the Cistercian nuns at Holy Cross Abbey, Stapehill, Dorsetshire. He served there until 1913, when he returned to Mount St. Bernard Abbey. His works in­clude:

  1. Dear Father, Bless Us as We Go
  2. Jesu, Meek and Lowly
  3. Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
  4. Jesus, Too Late Thee I Have Sought
  5. O ’Tis in the Land of the Bible We Love
  6. O Ye Have Garnered, Teachers Loved
  7. Sweet Savior, Bless Us Ere We Go

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