1818, Lit­tle Ilf­ord, Es­sex, Eng­land.

Collett gra­du­at­ed from The Queen’s Col­lege, Ox­ford, in 1842.

On tak­ing Ho­ly Or­ders, he held se­ver­al ap­point­ments un­til 1855, when he was pre­ferred to the vi­car­age of St. Ste­phen’s, Shep­herd’s Bush, Ham­mer­smith, London.

He com­piled the Ap­pen­dix add­ed to the Cooke and Den­ton Hym­nal, for use at St. Ste­phen’s Church, 1855.

  1. Hail, Tri­um­phant King of Glo­ry