De­cem­ber 19, 1872, Frank­lin Coun­ty, Vir­gin­ia.

Sep­tem­ber 22, 1951, Vin­ton, Vir­gin­ia.

Moun­tain View Ce­me­te­ry, Vin­ton, Vir­gin­ia.

Coleman was the son of Skel­ton Cole­man & Ju­lia Fran­ces Ma­son, and hus­band of An­nie Belle Ar­ring­ton. Co­py­right re­cords in­di­cate he was liv­ing in Roc­ky Mount, Vir­gin­ia, in 1907.

His works in­clude:

  1. Breaking Mo­ther’s Heart
  2. Christian, Let Your Light Shine
  3. Clear the Tracks, for We Are Com­ing
  4. Come and Help Us Sing the Prais­es
  5. Fierce and Thick the Bat­tle Rag­es
  6. For God and Home and Ev­ery Land
  7. Hear the Sav­ior Sweet­ly Call­ing
  8. How Oft Do We Sing of the Pro­di­gal Son?
  9. I Am Think­ing of You, Mo­ther
  10. I Love Thee, Dear Sav­ior
  11. I Wan­dered Alone with Thoughts in My Dreams
  12. Marching, March­ing, March­ing on to Vic­to­ry
  13. Our Ar­my Calls for Vol­un­teers
  14. Relief
  15. Sad Is the Heart Whose On­ly Hope
  16. See the Ar­mies of Isr’l as They Wan­dered in Sin
  17. See the Beg­gar, Blind and Needy
  18. Sing, Ye Ran­somed Ones, of Je­sus
  19. Speed Our Cause We Pray
  20. Upon the Rug­ged Moun­tain Side
  21. We Are Lit­tle Ar­mor Bear­ers
  22. We Are Lit­tle Sol­diers, March­ing as to War
  23. We’re March­ing, March­ing On­ward
  24. When the Great and Fi­nal Day