April 16, 1925, Glasgow, Scotland.

February 24, 2000, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Colvin was a Church of Scotland minister. He served in Africa for 26 years, and for 8 years as minister to a London inner city community church. He was a member of the ecumenical Iona Community for almost 50 years. As well as being in pastoral ministry in Ghana and Malawi, he helped found and organize Christian Service Committees in those countries. He was deeply involved in serving Mozambican refugees in Malawi. For some years he was engaged in community development training in Zimbabwe and other parts of southern Africa. Throughout his ministry he had a deep interest in helping the African Church to fully utilize their own musical heritage in worship and to write hymns appropriate to and arising from the African context. This interest developed into helping to share African hymnody with the world church. The hymns he collected and wrote were published in two volumes:

  1. Come, Let Us Seek Our God’s Protection
  2. Holy Baby, A
  3. God Sends Us His Spirit
  4. His Battle Ended There
  5. Humbly in Your Sight
  6. Jesu, Jesu
  7. Kneels at the Feet of His Friends
  8. What Shall We Call Him?
  9. When Our Master Jesus Went Away
  10. When Our Savior Yesu Went Away
  1. Christ the Worker

Colvin’s burial place