Circa 1872-?

Circa 1872, Germany.

Date unknown. He & His wife Emma were living in Wayne County, Michigan, from at least 1900 through 1930.

Copyright records indicate Collin was living in Franklin, Pennsylvania, in 1912. His works include:

  1. A Stirring Call Comes Ringing
  2. All Along Life’s Pilgrim Journey
  3. Around the Walls of Jericho
  4. Before the Blood Stained Mercy Seat
  5. Beware! O Soul, Beware!
  6. Blessed Savior, Mine Forever
  7. By the Savior’s Side Each Day
  8. Fetters of Sin Now Are Broken, The
  9. For Me, from Yonder Heavenly Home
  10. From the Desert Heat and Burning Sand
  11. Have Faith in God, the Sky Will Brighten
  12. Have Thine Own Way, O Savior Divine
  13. He Died for Poor, Perishing Sinners
  14. Helpless and Lost in My Blindness
  15. Here on Earth We Meet and Sever
  16. Hush, O Thou Weary, Longing Sigh
  17. I Am Happy, O So Happy
  18. I Am Lost, She Sadly Whispered
  19. I Am Waiting, I Am Watching for the Bridegroom
  20. I Can Sing the Wondrous Story
  21. I Have Heard Him Calling
  22. I Rejoice, O Heavenly Father
  23. I’m Happy, So Happy in Jesus
  24. I’m Thine, Dear Lord, Forever Thine
  25. I’m Walking in the Light of Jesus
  26. In the Narrow Gospel Way
  27. Jesus Alone Is Our Song and Our Story
  28. Jesus, the Savior, Is Calling Thee Now
  29. Joyfully a Pilgrim on the Homeward Way
  30. Lift Me Higher, O My Savior
  31. March On, Ye Ransomed Ones and Free
  32. Nail Pierced Hand Is Knocking, The
  33. O Doubting, Fearing Soul, Look Up
  34. O Mighty God Eternal
  35. O Praise His Name, the Savior Came
  36. O Wonderful Love of the Savior
  37. O Wonderful, Wonderful Story of Love
  38. On Calvary, the Savior Died
  39. Peace the World Can Never Know, A
  40. Pilgrim Strangers Here on Earth We Roam
  41. Revive Thy Work, O Lord, Reveal
  42. See the Blood Stained Banner Waving
  43. Soldiers of the Army, Hear the Captain Call
  44. Sweet Is the Promise, Precious and Tender
  45. Sweet, Precious News, Jesus Will Save
  46. Sweetly the Message Comes Ringing Today
  47. There Is Glory in My Soul, Hallelujah
  48. There’ll Be Light, There’ll Be Light in the Valley
  49. Thine, Dear Lord, Henceforth, Forever
  50. Through the Gates to the Beautiful City
  51. ’Tis Not Alone Mid Joy and Light
  52. ’Tis Only a Little While
  53. ’Tis Sweet to Walk in the Narrow Way
  54. ’Tis Sweet to Walk with Jesus
  55. Trust When the Sun Is Beaming
  56. ’Twas on the Day of Pentecost
  57. Weary Pilgrim, Worn and Sad
  58. While Wandering in Sin, Deeply Erring
  59. Wonderful Story of Love, Precious and True