19th Century

There is confusion about this author: Some of the titles attributed to her are shown with the author as Reverend L. F. Cole, and other with the title of Reverend Lafayette L. Cole (husband, perhaps?).

  1. As the Seed Is, So the Harvest
  2. Birds Are Singing, Woods Are Ringing
  3. Costly Is the Temple Our God Has Made
  4. Dear Jesus, We Bring Thee Our Offerings
  5. Driven on by Angry Tempest
  6. I Have Seen a Mother Weeping
  7. Jesus, the Wonderful
  8. Once He Sat upon My Knee
  9. Prophets Spoke the Coming Jesus
  10. Save Me, Lord, for I Am Thine
  11. Searching, Seeking, Groping
  12. Shadows Deep Across the World
  13. We Have Heard the Wail of Women
  14. White as the Wings of a Dove
  15. Wonderful Savior, Forgiveness