November 25, 1842, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

May 8, 1915.

A Baptist minister, Colby was the son of philanthropist Gardner Colby. He was educated at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (AB 1862, AM 1865, Honorary DD 1882); and Newton Theological Institution, Newton, Massachusetts, 1867. He served as president of the American Baptist Missionary Union (1865-68); held a pastorate at Dayton, Ohio (1868-1903), was president of the Board of Trustees, Denison University; and president of the Ohio Baptist Convention (1883-86).  His hymn Waiting on the Eve of Labor was sung at the graduation of his class at Newton Theological Institution, June 26, 1867. His works include:

  1. In Christ, in Christ, O Wondrous Words
  2. My Faith Still Clings
    • Min synd er stor, min styrke svag
  3. Waiting on the Eve of Labor
  4. Wake, O Strangely Favored Nation

Colby’s place of death or burial