Mrs. Harry Coghill

June 23, 1836, Kid­de­more, Staf­ford­shire, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 7, 1907, Bath, Eng­land.

St. An­drew Church­yard, Fair­light, Eng­land.

In 1857, An­na’s fa­mi­ly moved to Ca­na­da. They lived first at Pointe-Lé­vy, Qué­bec, and then moved in 1858 to Sar­nia, On­tar­io, where her fa­ther, ci­vil en­gin­eer Ro­bert Walk­er, con­tin­ued to work for the Grand Trunk Rail­way.

Around that time, An­na and two old­er sisters, Is­a­bel­la and Fran­ces, ran a girls’ school, but the school had to close af­ter the death of the old­er si­sters.

Anna re­turned to Eng­land in 1863 and worked as a gov­ern­ess and book re­view­er. In 1883, she mar­ried a weal­thy mer­chant, Har­ry Cog­hill, and moved to Cog­hurst Hall, near Hast­ings.

Her works in­clude:

  1. Covered with Snow Neath the Man­tle of White
  2. Grand Is the Song
  3. Only Sleep­ing
  4. Work, for the Night Is Com­ing