Carolo Coffin, Carolus Coffin

October 4, 1676, Buzancy, Duchy of Rheim.

June 20, 1749, Paris, France. Due to his persistence in appealing against the papal Constitution Unigenitus of 1713, the parish rector of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont refused to administer last rites to him, or give him a Christian burial.


Educated at Du­ples­sis College, University of Par­is, in 1712, Coffin became principal of the college at Beau­vais (succeeding the historian Rol­lin), and 1718, Rector of the University of Par­is.

In 1727, he published some of his Latin poems, and in 1736, the bulk of his hymns appeared in the Paris Brev­i­a­ry and Hym­ni Sac­ri Auc­to­re Ca­ro­lo Cof­fin. In 1755, a complete, two volume edition of his works was published. He wrote over 100 hymns.

  1. Dei canamus gloriam
  2. Die dierum principe
  3. Exiit cunis pretiosus infans
  4. Grates, peracto jam die
    • Day Is Past and Done, The
  5. Iisdem creati fluctibus
  6. In noctis umbrâ desides
  7. Instantis adventum Dei
    • Advent of Our God, The
    • Advent of Our God and King, The
    • Advent of Our God at Hand, The
    • Advent of Our King, The
    • Coming of Our God, The
    • Lest the Comer Tarry Long
    • Lift Up the Advent Strain
    • Our God Approaches from the Skies
    • To Hail Thine Advent, Lord
    • To Haste Thine Advent from the Skies
  8. Jam desinant suspiria
  9. Jam sanctius moves opus
    • And Now, O God, Thy Mind Resolves
    • A Greater, Holier Work This Day
    • Now a Holier Work, O Lord
    • Today, O Lord, a Holier Work
    • Today, O Lord, Thy Mind Receives
    • Today, O Lord, Thy Will Resolves
  10. Jordanis oras praevia
  11. Jubes: et, in Praeceps Aquis
  12. Labente jam solis rota (Prono volutus impetu)
  13. Lo! from the Desert Homes
  14. Miramur, O Deus, Tuae
    • New Wonders of Thy Mighty Hand
    • O God Supreme! In Rapt Amaze
    • O God, Thy Wonder Working Hand
    • O God, We Behold How Thy Wondrous Might
    • The Wonders of the Almighty Hand
  15. Missum Redemptorum Polo
  16. O Fons Amoris, Spiritus
  17. O quam juvat fratres, Deus
  18. Opprobriis, Jesu, satur
  19. Opus peregisti tuum
    • Anointed One! Thy Work Is Done
    • Blest Savior, Now Thy Work Is Done
    • O Christ! Thy Love Its Work Hath Done
    • O Savior, Who for Man Hast Trod
    • Redeemer, Now Thy Work Is Done
    • Thy Glorious Work, O Christ, Is Done
  20. Quae stella sole pulchrior
  21. Rebus creatis nil egens
    • O Christ, in Thine All-Blissful State
    • O God, the Joy of Heav’n Above
    • Our God, in His Celestial Seat
    • Thou Dost Not Need Creation’s Aid
    • Thou of the Things Created Nothing Needing
    • Thou That Lack’st No Created Thing
  22. Supreme Motor cordium
  23. Tandem peractis O Deus
    • At Length Creation’s Days Are Past
    • At Length the Six Days’ Course Is Past
    • At Length, O God, Thy Work Is Done
    • And Now Thy Labors, Lord, Are Done
    • Six Days of Labor Now Are Past
  24. Te laeta, mundi Conditor

Coffin’s burial place