Carolo Coffin, Carolus Coffin

Oc­to­ber 4, 1676, Bu­zan­cy, Du­chy of Rheim.

June 20, 1749, Pa­ris, France. Due to his per­sis­tence in ap­peal­ing against the pa­pal Con­sti­tu­tion Uni­gen­i­tus of 1713, the par­ish rec­tor of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont re­fused to ad­min­is­ter last rites to him, or give him a Chris­tian bu­ri­al.


Educated at Du­ples­sis College, Un­i­ver­si­ty of Par­is, in 1712, Cof­fin be­came prin­cipal of the col­lege at Beau­vais (suc­ceed­ing the his­tor­i­an Rol­lin), and in 1718, Rec­tor of the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Par­is.

In 1727, he pub­lished some of his La­tin poe­ms, and in 1736, the bulk of his hymns ap­peared in the Paris Brev­i­a­ry and Hym­ni Sac­ri Auc­to­re Ca­ro­lo Cof­fin. In 1755, a com­plete, two vol­ume edi­tion of his works was pub­lished. He wrote ov­er 100 hymns.

  1. Dei Can­a­mus Glo­ri­am
  2. Die Di­er­um Prin­ci­pe
  3. Exiit Cu­nis Pre­ti­o­sus In­fans
  4. Grates, Pe­rac­to Jam Die
    • Day Is Past and Done, The
  5. Iisdem Cre­a­ti Fluc­ti­bus
  6. In Noc­tis Um­brâ De­si­des
  7. Instantis Ad­ven­tum Dei
    • Advent of Our God, The
    • Advent of Our God and King, The
    • Advent of Our God at Hand, The
    • Advent of Our King, The
    • Coming of Our God, The
    • Lest the Com­er Tar­ry Long
    • Lift Up the Ad­vent Strain
    • Our God Ap­proach­es from the Skies
    • To Hail Thine Ad­vent, Lord
    • To Haste Thine Ad­vent from the Skies
  8. Jam De­si­nant Sus­pi­ria
  9. Jam Sanc­ti­us Mov­es Op­us
    • And Now, O God, Thy Mind Re­solves
    • Great­er, Ho­li­er Work This Day, A
    • Now a Ho­li­er Work, O Lord
    • Today, O Lord, a Ho­li­er Work
    • Today, O Lord, Thy Mind Re­ceives
    • Today, O Lord, Thy Will Re­solves
  10. Jordanis Or­as Prae­via
  11. Jubes: Et, in Prae­ceps Aquis
  12. Labente Jam So­lis Ro­ta (Pro­no Vo­lu­tus Im­pe­tu)
  13. Linquunt Tec­ta Ma­gi Prin­ci­pis Ur­bis
  14. Miramur, O De­us, Tuae
    • New Won­ders of Thy Migh­ty Hand
    • O God Su­preme! In Rapt Amaze
    • O God, Thy Won­der Work­ing Hand
    • O God, We Be­hold How Thy Won­drous Might
    • Wonders of the Al­migh­ty Hand, The
  15. Missum Re­demp­to­rum Po­lo
  16. Nunc Su­is Tan­dem No­vus e La­te­bris
  17. O Fons Amor­is, Spir­i­tus
  18. O Quam Juvat Fratres, Deus
  19. Op­pro­bri­is, Je­su, Sa­tur
    • From Judg­ment Ta­ken, Lo, Be­neath
    • His Trial O’er
    • Jesu, by Cru­el Taunts Dis­tressed
    • Like Faith­ful Ab­ra­ham’s Ho­ly Child
    • Now to the Cru­el Scourge
    • O Scorned and Out­cast Lord
    • Up That Dark Hill Fu­ner­e­al
  20. Opus Pe­re­gis­ti Tu­um
    • Anointed One! Thy Work Is Done
    • Blest Sav­ior, Now Thy Work Is Done
    • O Christ! Thy Love Its Work Hath Done
    • O Sav­ior, Who for Man Hast Trod
    • Redeemer, Now Thy Work Is Done
    • Thy Glo­ri­ous Work, O Christ, Is Done
  21. Quae Stel­la Sole Pul­chri­or
  22. Rebus Cre­at­is Nil Egens
    • O Christ, in Thine All-Bliss­ful State
    • O God, the Joy of Heav’n Above
    • Our God, in His Ce­les­ti­al Seat
    • Thou Dost Not Need Cre­a­tion’s Aid
    • Thou of the Things Cre­at­ed No­thing Need­ing
    • Thou That Lack’st No Cre­at­ed Thing
  23. Supreme Mo­tor Cor­di­um
  24. Tandem Pe­rac­tis O De­us
    • At Length Cre­a­tion’s Days Are Past
    • At Length the Six Days’ Course Is Past
    • At Length, O God, Thy Work Is Done
    • And Now Thy La­bors, Lord, Are Done
    • Six Days of La­bor Now Are Past
  25. Te La­e­ta, Mun­di Con­di­tor

Cof­fin’s bur­ial place