Early 20th Century
  1. At the Call of Christ
  2. For the Cause of Truth and Right
  3. Give the Savior’s Invitation to Each
  4. He Can Never Fail
  5. He Is Calling, Christ Who Loves
  6. Hear the Savior for You Pleading
  7. I Will Go, at Jesus’ Call
  8. In Repentance, Lord, I Come
  9. In the Happy By and By
  10. Long I Wandered in the Paths of Night and Sin
  11. Long in Sin I Despaired
  12. O Increase Our Faith, Blessed Lord
  13. O Thou Who Dost Our Pathway
  14. O What Have I Done?
  15. Receive Me Now
  16. Though the Waves May Lash in Fury
  17. Time Is at Hand, The
  18. To the Savior I Am Clinging
  19. With Happy Hearts We March Away
  20. You Are Drifting Down the Stream