No­vem­ber 21, 1848, near Woos­ter, Ohio.

De­cem­ber 14, 1920, Lit­tle Rock, Ar­kan­sas.

Oak­land and Fra­ter­nal His­tor­ic Ce­me­te­ry Park, Lit­tle Rock, Ar­kan­sas.


Educated at Ken­tuc­ky Un­i­ver­sity, Cline went on to teach at Chris­tian Col­lege, Co­lum­bia, Mis­sou­ri; Ham­il­ton Col­lege, Clin­ton, New York; and at Mad­dox Sem­in­a­ry, Lit­tle Rock, Ar­kan­sas, where he filled the chair of sci­ence.

He al­so helped his daugh­ters es­tab­lish the Lit­tle Rock Jun­ior Col­lege for wo­men and the Con­ser­va­tory of Mu­sic.

Cline’s works in­clude:

  1. Agony, The
  2. Come to the Cross
  3. Jesus, My Sav­ior
  4. Many Are the Sor­rows
  5. Quit You Like Men
  6. Welcome
  7. Welcome to All
  8. Why Keep Je­sus Wait­ing?
  1. Saint-Cloud