1872, Kil­birnie, Scot­land.

1936, Ar­gen­ti­na.

Clifford came to Christ at age 16, and be­came a lay teach­er among the Ply­mouth Breth­ren.

Recruited for the mis­sion field by Hen­ry Ewen, he left Li­ver­pool for Ar­gen­ti­na in 1896. Oft­en tra­vel­ing on horse­back, he preached in Ar­gen­ti­na, Chi­le, Pe­ru and Bo­li­via. He wrote or trans­lat­ed over 100 hymns in­to Spanish, and found­ed and ed­it­ed the South Am­er­i­can Chris­tian ma­ga­zine El sen­de­ro del cre­yen­te.

  1. Estad por Cris­to Fir­mes
  2. O Nues­tro Pa­dre
  3. ¿Qué Ha­rás Tú con Cris­to?
  4. Tendrás Que Re­na­cer