December 8, 1910, Elkhurst, West Virginia.

November 12, 2006, Charleston, West Virginia.

Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens, Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

Cline’s works include:

  1. After Our Trials Here Are O’er
  2. As You Travel Alone on Your Journey
  3. At the Setting of Life’s Sun
  4. Happy Praises We’ll Sing
  5. Here We Meet with Disappointments
  6. I Am Looking for the Coming of My Savior
  7. I Am So Happy Since the Savior
  8. I Have a Joy Within My Soul
  9. I Shall See Jesus at Last
  10. I Used to Walk in the Way of Wrong
  11. I Will Lean on His Arm
  12. If You Are Lonely, Sad and Blue
  13. I’m Happy as I Travel Along
  14. I’m Happy Today as I Press On
  15. I’m Just Atraveling Through This Pilgrim Land
  16. I’m Just Traveling Through
  17. I’m Longing for That Home
  18. I’m on the Grand Old Highway
  19. I’m Only on a Visit
  20. I’m Praising Jesus Each Day
  21. I’m Ready, Waiting and I’m Longing
  22. I’m Traveling on the Highway
  23. Jesus Came to This World to Save the Lost
  24. Jesus Has Lifted Me from Lowlands of Sin
  25. Long I Had Wandered Aimlessly
  26. My Soul Was Astray, I Wandered Away
  27. Once I Was in Bondage
  28. Onward and Upward I’m Traveling
  29. Savior Left His Home in Glory, The
  30. Since I’m Trusting the Savior
  31. Since Jesus Saved My Soul
  32. Sing a Song as You Travel Along
  33. That Will Be a Happy Reunion
  34. There Is a City, I’m Told
  35. There Is a Land Beyond the River
  36. There’s a Beautiful City
  37. They Crucified My Blessed Jesus
  38. They Tell Me of a Mansion Built for the True
  39. What a Joy in Knowing
  40. When I Was Wandering in Sin
  41. When Life on Earth Is O’er
  42. While Pressing Along I’m Singing
  43. While Traveling on My Journey