Feb­ru­a­ry 2, 1619, Thum (near Annaberg), Saxony.

May 7, 1684, Weiden, Upper Palatine.

After studying at various universities, and finally at Leip­zig (MA 1643), Claus­nit­zer was appointed chaplain to a Swed­ish regiment in 1644. In that position, he preached the thanksgiving sermon in St. Tho­mas’ Church, Leip­zig, on Rem­i­nis­ce­re Sunday (second Sun­day in Lent), 1645, on the accession of Chris­ti­na as Queen of Swe­den. He also delivered the thanksgiving sermon at the field service held by command of General Wran­gel, at Wei­den, in the Upper Pal­a­tine, January 1, 1649, after the conclusion of the Peace of West­pha­lia.

In 1649, Claus­nit­zer was appointed first pastor at Wei­den, and stayed there until his death (he was also appointed later a member of the Con­sis­to­ry, and inspector of the district).

  1. Jesu Dein betrübtes Leiden
  2. Liebster Jesu Wir Sind Hier
  3. Wir Glauben All an Einen Gott

Clausnitzer’s burial place