February 2, 1619, Thum (near Annaberg), Saxony.

May 7, 1684, Weiden, Upper Palatine.

After studying at various universities, and finally at Leipzig (MA 1643), Clausnitzer was appointed chaplain to a Swedish regiment in 1644. In that position, he preached the thanksgiving sermon in St. Thomas’ Church, Leipzig, on Reminiscere Sunday (second Sunday in Lent), 1645, on the accession of Christina as Queen of Sweden. He also delivered the thanksgiving sermon at the field service held by command of General Wrangel, at Weiden, in the Upper Palatine, January 1, 1649, after the conclusion of the Peace of Westphalia. In 1649, Clausnitzer was appointed first pastor at Weiden, and stayed there until his death (he was also appointed later a member of the Consistory, and inspector of the district).

  1. Jesu Dein betrübtes Leiden
  2. Liebster Jesu Wir Sind Hier
  3. Wir Glauben All an Einen Gott

Clausnitzer’s burial place