Jan­u­a­ry 6, 1821, Ply­mouth, Eng­land.

Feb­ru­a­ry 22, 1903, Pen­zance, Corn­wall.

Clarke was ed­u­cat­ed at Queen’s Col­lege and St. Ma­ry Hall, Ox­ford, Eng­land (BA 1844, MA 1846).

On tak­ing Ho­ly Or­ders, he be­came suc­cess­ive­ly cur­ate of Thor­ver­ton, and of Daw­lish, De­vons­hire; vi­car of St. Tho­mas-by-Launce­ston, Corn­wall; head mas­ter of the Launc­eston Gram­mar School, and vicar of Thor­ver­ton (1875); and Hon. Sec­re­ta­ry of the Ex­e­ter, De­von, Board of Ed­u­ca­tion.

His works in­clude:

  1. All Hail, All Hail to the Na­tal Day
  2. Blessed and Ho­ly Three
  3. Forth to the Wav­ing Seas
  4. Framer of the Light
  5. God Is Gone Up
  6. Great Giv­er of All Good, to Thee Again
  7. In All Thou Didst While Here on Earth
  8. In Hum­ble Ad­o­ra­tion
  9. Jesus, on This Bless­ed Morn
  10. Lord, Most Ho­ly, God Most Migh­ty
  11. Lord of All Cre­a­tion
  12. Lord of the New Cre­a­tion
  13. Now a New Year Op­ens
  14. O Dark and Drea­ry Day
  15. O Lord, It Is a Joy­ful Thing
  16. O Thou Who Dwell­est in Eter­ni­ty
  17. Once More the Sheaves Are Ga­thered
  18. Through Dan­gers of the Night
  19. Virgin Did Come, A