Early 20th Century
  1. Changed to His Likeness
  2. Come to the Savior
  3. Coming by the Promise Way
  4. Do Not Weary, Toiling Christians
  5. Down Through the Ages Past
  6. Every Morning, Noon and Night
  7. From the Ripened Fields
  8. I Have Peace and Gladness
  9. I Know My Sins Are Washed Away
  10. In the Hallelujah Ranks Today
  11. In the Realms Above Write It Down in Love
  12. In the Service of the King
  13. Lo an Army All Victorious
  14. My Reward
  15. My Song Shall Ever Be to Him
  16. See the Master of the Vineyard
  17. When Wandering in Darkness
  18. Will You Be Loyal to the Cause of Christ?
  19. You Are Drifting Away