John Clarke Whitfield

December 13, 1770, Gloucester, England.

February 22, 1836, Holmer (near Hereford), England.

East Walk of the Bishop’s Cloister, Hereford Cathedral, England.

Clarke’s early musical training was at Magdalen College, Oxford. While there, he became organist of Ludlow Parish Church in October 1789. In 1793, he matriculated to take a BMus degree. He became organist at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Anglican), Armagh, Ireland, near the end of 1794. He spent three years in Armagh, and while there (October 1795) was granted a MusD degree from Trinity College, Dublin. He later moved to Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, becoming master of the choristers (succeeding Langrish Doyle) on Christmas Day 1797.

In 1798, Clarke moved back to England, and spent the next 20 years in Cambridge as organist at St. John’s and Trinity Colleges. 1814, he changed his name to Clarke-Whitfeld, expecting an inheritance from the family of his mother Amphillis, daughter of Henry Whitfeld of The Bury, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. However, the inheritance never materialized.

In June 1820 Clarke-Whitfield moved again to become organist and master of the choristers at Hereford Cathedral. In 1821, he was elected non-resident professor of music at Cambridge. He resigned from Hereford in 1823 due to ill health, and finally retired in 1832.

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