April 8, 1854, Racine, Wisconsin.

November 8, 1925, Rome, New York.

Rome Cemetery, Rome, New York.

In his infancy, Clark’s parents returned to their former home in New York state, where his mother soon died, and his father married a close friend of hers. After William’s 1873 conversion, his stepmother predicted he would one day be a bishop. He served the Methodist Susquehanna Conference as a pastor and district superintendent from 1876 until 1919, when his stepmother’s prediction came true. Meanwhile, he had been a member of the joint commission of the Free and Wesleyan Methodist Churches which compiled the hymnal of 1910, and contributed some items to it. He died in office, requesting no eulogy at his funeral.

His wife was Ella Southworth.

  1. Beloved, Sleep
  2. Go Forward, Is the Great Command
  3. All Praise to Him Who Reigns Above
  4. Beloved, Sleep, Thy Conflicts Now Are Past
  5. Beloved Sons of God
  6. Blessèd Be the Name
  7. Give to Jesus Glory
  8. Go Forward, Is the Great Command
  9. Heart of Love, Enfolding All
  10. How Sweet the Tidings, Mercy’s Free
  11. I’m Helpless, Lord, to Thee I Fly
  12. Jesus Is Near, So Near
  13. Let Little Children Come to Me
  14. Master Has Come, The
  15. Other Shore, The
  16. Royal Fountain, The
  17. To Thy Father’s House Returning
  18. ’Twas Wondrous Love
  19. We Come, We Come, a Mighty Host
  20. Wouldst Thou Strengthen Thy Soul?