January 8, 1877, Vincennes, Indiana.

Son of Disciples of Christ minister Thomas Jefferson Clark, Thomas the younger graduated from Indiana University (AB 1899) and did postgraduate work at the University of Chicago (1901–02). After college, he taught high school in Washington, Indiana, was a singing evangelist, and worked in the piano business. He went on to work as an assistant editor of church school literature at the Christian Board of Publication in St. Louis, Missouri (1906–11), and on the editorial staff of the Christian Century in Chicago (1912–48). In 1919, he began editing the Christian Century Quarterly. In 1929, he joined the editorial staff of The Christian Century Pulpit. In 1943, he won first prize in the Hymn Society of America’s nationwide contest with his Thou Father of Us All. Clark’s works include:

Clark wrote of his religious poetry:

It was my father’s wish that I enter the ministry, but when I entered religious publishing he was gratified. In my poems I have simply put into verse the Christian convictions that were bred in me through twenty years of listening to his preaching. Every poem I have written has been inspired by deep faith and confidence. I take no credit, for it has been his voice speaking in all my writing. During all my years with him, I never heard one expression of doubt that God’s will would finally prevail. My mother, still living at 88 in Indianapolis, is a Christian of boundless faith and optimism. My wife [Hazel née Davis] is the most devoted Christian I have ever known.

  1. God Is Not Far from Any One of Us
  2. I Sought His Love in Sun and Stars
  3. I Wandered Far, in Deserts Wild
  4. Long Years Ago in Galilee
  5. Love That Seeks, The
  6. My Soul Was Darkened in the Night
  7. O Thou, Whose Very Word Is Power
  8. Our Faith Is in the Christ Who Walks
  9. Savior Left His Home Above, The
  10. There’s a Friend I Know Is True
  11. Thou Father of Us All
  12. Thou God of Nations, Thee We Seek
  13. Thou God Who Brought the Nations Forth
  14. Touch of Human Hands, The
  15. Upon the Cross the Savior Died
  16. Where Restless Crowds Are Thronging
  17. Who Will Build the World Anew
  18. Yours Was a Wondrous Story