Early 20th Century

Clark was a Universalist missionary to Kansas as of 1883. Copyright records list her in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1914.

  1. All-Seeing Eye, The
  2. Be Ye Reconciled to God
  3. Children, Hear the Savior Calling
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Guide Me Gently Home
  6. He’s My Redeemer
  7. Home Above
  8. Let the Children’s Voices
  9. Many Mansions
  10. Nearer the Cross
  11. No, Not My Power
  12. O Garden of Sorrow
  13. Only the Cross, in It Will I Glory
  14. Savior’s Call, The
  15. Shout and Sing Aloud
  16. Take No Thought for Tomorrow
  17. Through All the Brightness of Life’s Glad Day
  18. When Our Pilgrimage Is Done
  19. When the Spirit Flies Away
  1. Key West
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Tahiti
  4. Trust in God