March 10, 1834, near Steubenville, Ohio.

July 6, 1879, Governor’s mansion, Atlanta, Georgia.

Spring Hill Cemetery, Wellsville, Ohio.


Clark, a Methodist Episcopal minister, was an editor and writer for the The Schoolday Magazine (1851-59), and edited Methodist Reporter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1870-79). His works include:

  1. Behold, What a Wonder!
  2. Beneath the Ample Dome of Heaven
  3. Heavenly Father, Bless Me Now
  4. I Love Thee, Lord, I Love Thee So
  5. In Our Hearts, and on Our Way
  6. Lord Is Near, with Sinai Tread, The
  7. Make Room for Jesus
  8. To His Heavenly Mansioned Home
  9. Whence Jesus Came, I Cannot Tell