June 17, 1860, Devonport, Devon, England.

Chubb attended the Stationers’ School in London, and joined the civil service in 1878, in the legal department of the Local Government Board. He established a correspondence society for manuscript exchange called the MS Club (1881), was a member of the Progressive Association, (1882); charter member of the Fabian Society (1884); joined the London branch of the Fellowship of the New Life, an intellectual discussion and study group dedicated to developing models of alternative societies (1884-89); member of the Ethical Society (1886). He emigrated to America in 1889, and went on to become a lecturer at Thomas Davidson’s School of the Cultural Sciences, Farmington, Connecticut; lecturer at the Brooklyn, New York, Academy of Arts and Sciences (1890-92); head of English at the Brooklyn Manual Training High School (1893-97); principal of the Second Grade, New York Society’s Ethical Culture School (1897); lecturer at the Pratt Institute and New York University; Associate Leader, Society for Ethical Culture of New York (1897-1910); and President, Drama League of America (1915-20). After retiring in 1932, he served as president of the American Ethical Union (1934-39). His works include:

  1. We Lift Our Hearts in Thanks Today
  2. Hail We Now This Happy Morn
  3. Light of Ages, Shed by Man
  4. Light of Conscience, Clear and Still
  5. O We Believe in Christmas