19th Century
  1. Day Is Drawing Nearer, The
  2. In That Blissful Summer Land
  3. Into My Heart Shone Love Divine
  4. Jesus Blest the Little Children
  5. Jesus Loves Me, Calls Me Brother
  6. List to the Voice That Is Speaking in Love
  7. Look to the Shore, Brother
  8. Lord of Love My Shepherd Is, The
  9. O What Will You Say to Jesus?
  10. Oft in Sad Perplexity We Wander
  11. Oh, the Way Was So Dreary That Long We Trod
  12. Softly He Cometh, Our King
  13. Teach Me, Lord, Thy Holy Will
  14. When the Martyred One I See
  15. When the Spirit Comes to Dwell
  16. When We Meet ’Tis but to Sever
  17. Worthy Is the Lamb That on Calvary Was Slain
  1. Montpelier