June 29, 1848, Monroe County, West Virginia.

March 19, 1925, Willowton, Mercer County, West Virginia.

Oakwood Cemetery, Princeton, West Virginia.


Christie taught singing classes, 1871-74, which led him to a musical career. He studied under Rigdon McIntosh, who at the time was in the music department at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Christie remained in Tennessee until 1876, when he returned to West Virginia. Around 1877, he conducted a two month course at the Concord Normal School, in Athens, West Virginia, followed by a similar course in Princeton, West Virginia; Rural Retreat, Virginia (1878); and four courses in Snowville, Virginia (1879-80); and a nine month course at Rural Retreat, Virginia (1881). In 1881, he studied for a while at the Commercial College at Kentucky University, and in 1882, moved to Milligan College, Tennessee, where he eventually rose to serve on the Board of Directors. In 1894, Christie became music editor for the Standard Publishing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. His works include:

  1. Let Him Come In