October 11, 1895, Chicago, Illinois.

January 14, 1985, Chicago, Illinois.

Memorial Park Cemetery, Skokie, Illinois.

Encouraged by her grandmother, a godly woman who loved the music of the soul as expressed in verse, Avis wrote her first poem at age ten. Then one Sunday morning in Moody Church, as she listened to a new song by Harry Loes, the Lord reminded her that the talent entrusted to her belonged to Him. Her immediate longing to express His love and blessing resulted in two hymns. One of them, That Is Far Enough for Me, was quickly set to music by Daniel Towner, then director of music for the Moody Bible Institute.

In 1917, Avis married Ernest C. Christiansen, who later became vice president in charge of investments for the Moody Bible Institute. In spite of fulfilling the many duties of a busy homemaker, she continued to write with unfailing zeal. In addition to her hymns, she published two books of poetry:

In the foreword to her first book of poetry, pastor and author H. A. Ironside wrote:

Avis B. Christiansen is the gifted author of many of our sweetest gospel songs. By means of these her name is known around the world, for many of these delightful lyrics have been translated into various languages. She is a modest, retiring person whom few get to know beyond the circle of her immediate family and friends. With a very keen apprehension of spiritual realities, and a clear understanding of the great truths revealed in the Word of God, her hymns and poems are eminently Scriptural and soul-uplifting.

  1. Blessèd Calvary
  2. Blessèd Redeemer
  3. Fill All My Vision
  4. How Can It Be?
  5. I Know His Love Is Mine
  6. I Know I’ll See Jesus Some Day
  7. I Must Have Jesus with Me
  8. I’m Abiding in Canaan Land
  9. It Is Glory Just to Walk with Him
  10. I’ve Found a Refuge
  11. Jesus Has Lifted Me
  12. Jesus Is a Friend of Mine
  13. Jesus! Wonderful Name!
  14. Lost in His Love
  15. Love Found a Way
  16. Only Glory By and By
  17. Only Jesus
  18. Only One Life
  19. Precious Hiding Place
  20. Precious Melody
  21. This Very Same Jesus
  22. That Is Far Enough for Me
  23. Trusting Thee More
  24. Victory in Jesus
  25. We Shall Gather in the Morning
  26. What Must I Do?