Mrs. E. W. Chapman

February 13, 1849, Ingham County, Michigan.

April 25, 1889, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Glenwood Cemetery, Flint, Michigan.

Wife of preacher Edwin Willard Chapman, and mother of three children, Angie Chapman helped her husband cover several rural circuits of the Free Methodist movement, and assisted on evangelism tours. in 1866, she and her husband were working in Sparta, Michigan, and helped found the first Free Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, around that time. She published her first hymn, Thou Shalt Rest at Eve, in 1882. About 1888, following an evangelistic tour of Kansas, they moved to Lincoln Township, Isabella County, Michigan. During the next few years, Angie wrote several hymns, most of which were published after her death. Her daughter Adabelle Chapman Dillabaugh published a book of her own poems, Comfort and Cheer, and on pages 76 and 77 she included Mother’s Unfinished Hymn.

  1. All Hail, the Blessed Morning
  2. All Hail, the Children’s Day
  3. All the Way Home the Savior
  4. Are You on the Road to Canaan
  5. Around the Tree We Meet Again
  6. Around Us Fall the Autumn Leaves
  7. Awake My Heart in Tuneful Strains
  8. Beacon Bright the Christian Stands, A
  9. Beyond the Azure Starlit Sky
  10. Blessed Redeemer, Show Us Thy Loving
  11. Bright Flowers We Bring
  12. Brightest Flowers and Lilies
  13. Can You Do Without the Savior?
  14. Cares of Earth Shall No More Weary
  15. Cast Thy Bread upon the Waters
  16. Chosen Few with Christ, The
  17. Christ Is Coming, Surely Coming
  18. Christmas Bells
  19. City of Zion! Wondrous and Fair
  20. Cling When the Storm-Cloud Gathers
  21. Clinging, Clinging, to My Savior
  22. Close Beside the Throne of Grace
  23. Closer to Thee, My Father, Draw Me
  24. Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace
  25. Come, O Come, Thou Blessed Spirit
  26. Come to the Rock of Ages
  27. Coming in the Straight Narrow Gate
  28. Could Promise Be More Sweet Than This
  29. Crimson Stream It Cleanseth All the Time, The
  30. Crowds Are Seeking Food Today
  31. Daylight Is Passing
  32. Daylight Now Is Passing
  33. Don’t You Know That We Are Coming
  34. Down from the Home over Yonder
  35. Earthly Days Are Passing
  36. Eternity, How Vast an Age
  37. Farewell, We Now Again Must Part
  38. Forward, Soldiers, Fight
  39. From the Harbor the Gospel Ship Sails Forth
  40. Gather, O Gather in the Harvest
  41. Gather the Golden Grain
  42. Gently Glides Our Bark
  43. Glad Tidings We Bring You
  44. Go Carry Comfort to the Weary
  45. Grace Sufficient Jesus Giveth
  46. Hark, the Bells Are Sweetly Ringing
  47. Hark, the Christmas Bells Are Ringing
  48. Haste Ye to the Fountain’s Brink
  49. Have You Done Your Faithful Duty?
  50. Hearken Now, Dear Friend, and Tell Me
  51. Ho Ye Weary Jesus Calls You
  52. Homes There Are of Want and Sorrow
  53. Hosanna Now the People Sing
  54. Hour of My Departure I May Not Know, The
  55. I Am Coming, Quickly
  56. I Am Sailing o’er Life’s Sea
  57. I Am the Good Shepherd Still
  58. I Am Waiting for Thee, My Redeemer
  59. I Had Wandered Far from Home
  60. I Have Called Thee to the Fountain
  61. I Know of a Stream That Floweth
  62. I Long to Go Home to the Land of Rest
  63. I Rest Beneath the Wing Almighty
  64. I Sing of Jesus’ Wondrous Love
  65. I Think of Yon Bright Mansion
  66. I Will Arise, Nor Longer Wait
  67. If the Sweet Peace of Jesus
  68. I’m Dreaming of a Better Land
  69. I’m Going Now to Jesus
  70. In That Glorious Morning Bright
  71. In the Early Dawn of the Glad New Morn
  72. In the Morning, When the Dew Is Sparkling
  73. In the New Jerusalem
  74. In the Paths of Sin I Traveled
  75. In the Strength of God We’ll Rally
  76. In Times of Sorrow, God Is Near
  77. Into the Ear of the Weary
  78. Is the Conflict Strong Within Thee
  79. Jesus, Let the Holy Spirit
  80. Jesus, Name of All Names Dearest
  81. Jesus, Only, My Soul Can Redeem
  82. Jesus, Since Thy Dear Blood
  83. Joy-Bells Are Ringing
  84. Keep the Colors Waving
  85. Let Me to Thy Bosom Fly
  86. Let the Glad Evangel Song
  87. Let There Be Joy Among Angels
  88. Let Us Cheerfully Walk
  89. Linger with Me, Precious Savior
  90. Listen to the Music of the Bells
  91. Little Children, Are You Gleaning?
  92. Little Hands Can Work for Jesus
  93. Little Talk with Jesus, A
  94. Lo, the Dawn Is Rising
  95. Look, Sinner, to Jesus
  96. Lord of Grace and Lord of Mercy
  97. Lost to a Sense of Duty
  98. Lowly Bending at the Cross
  99. Make Room for the Precious
  100. Many Foes Thy Path Beset
  101. Marching On, with Christ
  102. Master Is Come, The
  103. May We Always Trust in Jesus
  104. Misty Clouds Hang Round My Way, The
  105. Mountain, Hill and Valley, The
  106. Moving Toward the City
  107. My Fragile Bark on Life’s Rough Billow
  108. My Name on Jesus’ Hands
  109. Not Always, Pilgrim Stranger
  110. Nothing Between
  111. Now to the Child in the Manger Born
  112. O Brothers Along Life’s Journey
  113. O Fly the Doves to Their Windows
  114. O Have You Found My Boy?
  115. O How Sweet the Words of Jesus
  116. O Shout, Fellow Soldiers
  117. O Shut Not Your Heart to the Gospel
  118. O Slight Not the Savior
  119. O Strike the Loud Cymbals
  120. O Wondrous Love, the Love of Christ
  121. O’er the Hill and Through
  122. On, Thy Brother’s Blood Is Crying
  123. Once for All the Savior His Blood Hath Spilt
  124. Onward Press, Though Faint and Weary
  125. Over on the Hills of Glory
  126. Passing Through This World of Sorrow
  127. Past Years of My Life Have Been Sinful, The
  128. Peace on Earth and Good Will
  129. Peeping o’er the Hilltops
  130. Pilgrim, on Thy Journey
  131. Pilgrim, on Thy Way Aweary
  132. Pilgrim, Weary, Weak and Thirsting
  133. Priceless Jewels for the Master’s Crown
  134. Remain with Us, Dear Savior
  135. Ring the Bells, the Lord Has Risen
  136. Ring the Joy-Bells, Christ Has Risen
  137. Roll on, Bright Golden Wave
  138. Room for Jesus
  139. Safe the Glory Jesus
  140. Sandal Worn Our Weary Feet
  141. Savior Hath Called Thee, The
  142. Shall We Meet Our Dear Friends
  143. Shall We Reach the Home in Glory
  144. Shout, Shout Along Life’s Journey
  145. Sing the Praise of Christ the Lord
  146. Sky with Clouds Is Overcast, The
  147. Soft and Low the Gentle Zephyrs
  148. Soft and Low the Spirit Whispers
  149. Soft and Sweet the Spirit Whispers
  150. Soldier of Christ Are You
  151. Some Day We Shall Lay
  152. Sow Ye Beside the Flowing Waters
  153. Speak, O Speak to Me of Jesus
  154. Spreading the News of Salvation
  155. Storm Cloud Is Dark, The
  156. Suffer the Children to Come unto Me
  157. Sweet Are the Flowers in Their Wonderful Birth
  158. Sweet Hope, the Anchor of My Soul
  159. Sweet Songs the Father Gives Us
  160. Sweet the Words of Jesus
  161. Sweetly Are the Birds Singing
  162. Sweetly the Birds Are Singing at Easter
  163. Take Me to the Precious Fountain
  164. There Are Mansions of Love in the Eden Above
  165. There Are Songs in the Winds
  166. There’s a Feast By Jesus Spread
  167. There’s a Home in a Beautiful Bower
  168. There’s a Light That Is Shining Today
  169. There’s a Mansion, Bright and Shining
  170. There’s a Song to Sing, and a Note to Ring
  171. There’s Beauty Amazingly
  172. There’s Light at the Cross
  173. They Tell Me a Story of Wonderful Love
  174. Thou Shalt Rest at Eve
  175. Thy Life Is Hid with Christ in God
  176. Tidings of Joy, O Send Them Afar
  177. ’Tis Sweet to Lie in the Loving Arms
  178. ’Tis the Grace of Jesus
  179. ’Tis the Purpose of Love Divine
  180. To Whom Shall We Go?
  181. Twilight Is Fading Away, The
  182. Waiting, Waiting for the Master
  183. We Are Coming One and All to the Lamb
  184. We Are Coming to the Savior
  185. We Are Happy Little Soldiers
  186. We Are Marching, We Are Marching, List and Hear
  187. We Are Moving Toward the City
  188. We Come at the Savior’s Call
  189. We Come with Joy and Gladness
  190. We Dream of a Beautiful Home
  191. We Often Meet and Kindly Greet
  192. We Praise the Dear Savior
  193. We Shall Cross the Swelling Jordan
  194. We Will Follow Our Guide
  195. We Would See Jesus
  196. Weak and Weary Are You Waiting
  197. Weary Soul with Sin Oppressed
  198. Weary Traveler in the Desert
  199. Weary Watchers for the Morning
  200. We’ll Never Say Goodbye
  201. We’ll Sing the Praise of Jesus Who Bought Us
  202. We’ll Tarry at the Cross of Jesus
  203. We’re a Noble Band of Soldiers
  204. We’ve a Friend in Realms Above
  205. We’ve Gathered into Line Today
  206. What Can I Do for Jesus?
  207. What Can Sinking Hearts Sustain?
  208. What Can the Savior Do?
  209. When from Guilt I Would Be Free
  210. When Open Swings the Golden Gate
  211. When the Purple Morn Is Breaking
  212. When the Way Seems Long and Dreary
  213. When Weary with the Trials of the Day
  214. While Sailing over the Sea of Life
  215. Who Is Ready for the Battle
  216. Who Is Thy Brother?
  217. Whosoever Will May Come (sometimes attributed to her husband)
  218. With Friends on Earth We Meet in Gladness
  219. Work for Jesus, Ever Sowing
  220. Would You Find a Sure Retreat
  221. Years, the Years Are Gliding By, The

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