Mrs. E. W. Chapman

Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 13, 1849, Ing­ham Coun­ty, Mi­chi­gan.

Died: Ap­ril 25, 1889, Mt. Plea­sant, Mi­chi­gan.

Buried: Glen­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Flint, Mi­chi­gan.

Angie was the wife of preach­er Ed­win Will­ard Chap­man, and mo­ther of three child­ren.

She helped her hus­band co­ver sev­er­al rur­al cir­cuits of the Free Me­thod­ist move­ment, and as­sist­ed on ev­an­gel­ism tours. in 1866, she and her hus­band were work­ing in Spar­ta, Mi­chi­gan, and helped found the first Free Me­thod­ist Church in Grand Ra­pids, Mi­chi­gan, around that time. She pub­lished her first hymn, Thou Shalt Rest at Eve, in 1882.

About 1888, fol­low­ing an ev­an­gel­is­tic tour of Kan­sas, they moved to Lin­coln Town­ship, Is­a­bel­la Coun­ty, Mi­chi­gan. Dur­ing the next few years, An­gie wrote se­ve­ral hymns, most of which were pub­lished af­ter her death.

Her daugh­ter Ad­a­belle Chap­man Dil­la­baugh pub­lished a book of her own po­ems, Com­fort and Cheer; on pag­es 76 and 77, she in­clud­ed Mo­ther’s Un­fin­ished Hymn.

  1. All Hail, the Bless­ed Morn­ing
  2. All Hail, the Child­ren’s Day
  3. All the Way Home the Sav­ior
  4. Are You on the Road to Ca­naan?
  5. Around the Tree We Meet Again
  6. Around Us Fall the Au­tumn Leaves
  7. Awake My Heart in Tune­ful Strains
  8. Beacon Bright the Chris­tian Stands, A
  9. Beyond the Az­ure Star­lit Sky
  10. Blessed Re­deem­er, Show Us Thy Lov­ing
  11. Bright Flow­ers We Bring
  12. Brightest Flow­ers and Li­lies
  13. Can You Do With­out the Sav­ior?
  14. Cares of Earth Shall No More Wea­ry
  15. Cast Thy Bread up­on the Wa­ters
  16. Chosen Few with Christ, The
  17. Christ Is Com­ing, Sure­ly Com­ing
  18. Christmas Bells
  19. City of Zi­on! Won­drous and Fair
  20. Cling When the Storm-Cloud Ga­thers
  21. Clinging, Cling­ing, to My Sav­ior
  22. Close Be­side the Throne of Grace
  23. Closer to Thee, My Fa­ther, Draw Me
  24. Come Bold­ly to the Throne of Grace
  25. Come, O Come, Thou Bless­ed Spir­it
  26. Come to the Rock of Ag­es
  27. Coming in the Straight Nar­row Gate
  28. Could Pro­mise Be More Sweet Than This?
  29. Crimson Stream, It Cleans­eth All the Time, The
  30. Crowds Are Seek­ing Food Today
  31. Daylight Is Pass­ing
  32. Daylight Now Is Pass­ing
  33. Don’t You Know That We Are Com­ing?
  34. Down from the Home ov­er Yon­der
  35. Earthly Days Are Pass­ing
  36. Eternity, How Vast an Age
  37. Farewell, We Now Again Must Part
  38. Forward, Sol­diers, Fight
  39. From the Har­bor the Gos­pel Ship Sails Forth
  40. Gather, O Ga­ther in the Har­vest
  41. Gather the Gold­en Grain
  42. Gently Glides Our Bark
  43. Glad Tid­ings We Bring You
  44. Go Car­ry Com­fort to the Wea­ry
  45. Grace Suf­fi­cient Je­sus Giv­eth
  46. Hark, the Bells Are Sweet­ly Ring­ing
  47. Hark, the Christ­mas Bells Are Ring­ing
  48. Haste Ye to the Foun­tain’s Brink
  49. Have You Done Your Faith­ful Du­ty?
  50. Hearken Now, Dear Friend, and Tell Me
  51. Ho, Ye Wea­ry, Je­sus Calls You
  52. Homes There Are of Want and Sor­row
  53. Hosanna Now the Peo­ple Sing
  54. Hour of My De­part­ure I May Not Know, The
  55. I Am Com­ing, Quick­ly
  56. I Am Sail­ing o’er Life’s Sea
  57. I Am the Good Shep­herd Still
  58. I Am Wait­ing for Thee, My Re­deem­er
  59. I Had Wan­dered Far from Home
  60. I Have Called Thee to the Foun­tain
  61. I Know of a Stream That Flow­eth
  62. I Long to Go Home to the Land of Rest
  63. I Rest Be­neath the Wing Al­migh­ty
  64. I Sing of Je­sus’ Won­drous Love
  65. I Think of Yon Bright Man­sion
  66. I Will Arise, nor Long­er Wait
  67. If the Sweet Peace of Je­sus
  68. I’m Dream­ing of a Bet­ter Land
  69. I’m Go­ing Now to Je­sus
  70. In That Glo­ri­ous Morn­ing Bright
  71. In the Ear­ly Dawn of the Glad New Morn
  72. In the Morn­ing, When the Dew Is Spark­ling
  73. In the New Je­ru­sa­lem
  74. In the Paths of Sin I Tra­veled
  75. In the Strength of God We’ll Ral­ly
  76. In Times of Sor­row, God Is Near
  77. Into the Ear of the Wea­ry
  78. Is the Con­flict Strong With­in Thee?
  79. Jesus, Let the Ho­ly Spir­it
  80. Jesus, Name of All Names Dear­est
  81. Jesus, On­ly, My Soul Can Re­deem
  82. Jesus, Since Thy Dear Blood
  83. Joy-Bells Are Ring­ing
  84. Keep the Col­ors Wav­ing
  85. Let Me to Thy Bo­som Fly
  86. Let the Glad Ev­an­gel Song
  87. Let There Be Joy Among An­gels
  88. Let Us Cheer­ful­ly Walk
  89. Linger with Me, Prec­ious Sav­ior
  90. Listen to the Mu­sic of the Bells
  91. Little Child­ren, Are You Glean­ing?
  92. Little Hands Can Work for Je­sus
  93. Little Talk with Je­sus, A
  94. Lo, the Dawn Is Ris­ing
  95. Look, Sin­ner, to Je­sus
  96. Lord of Grace and Lord of Mer­cy
  97. Lost to a Sense of Du­ty
  98. Lowly Bend­ing at the Cross
  99. Make Room for the Pre­cious
  100. Many Foes Thy Path Be­set
  101. Marching On, with Christ
  102. Master Is Come, The
  103. May We Alw­ays Trust in Je­sus
  104. Misty Clouds Hang Round My Way, The
  105. Mountain, Hill and Val­ley, The
  106. Moving To­ward the City
  107. My Fragile Bark on Life’s Rough Bil­low
  108. My Name on Je­sus’ Hands
  109. Not Always, Pil­grim Strang­er
  110. Nothing Be­tween
  111. Now to the Child in the Mang­er Born
  112. O Brothers Along Life’s Jour­ney
  113. O Fly the Doves to Their Win­dows
  114. O Have You Found My Boy?
  115. O How Sweet the Words of Je­sus
  116. O Shout, Fel­low Sol­diers
  117. O Shut Not Your Heart to the Gos­pel
  118. O Slight Not the Sav­ior
  119. O Strike the Loud Cym­bals
  120. O Wondrous Love, the Love of Christ
  121. O’er the Hill and Through
  122. On, Thy Bro­ther’s Blood Is Cry­ing
  123. Once for All the Sav­ior His Blood Hath Spilt
  124. Onward Press, Though Faint and Wea­ry
  125. Over on the Hills of Glo­ry
  126. Passing Through This World of Sor­row
  127. Past Years of My Life Have Been Sin­ful, The
  128. Peace on Earth and Good Will
  129. Peeping o’er the Hill­tops
  130. Pilgrim, on Thy Jour­ney
  131. Pilgrim, on Thy Way Awea­ry
  132. Pilgrim, Wea­ry, Weak and Thirst­ing
  133. Priceless Jew­els for the Mas­ter’s Crown
  134. Remain with Us, Dear Sav­ior
  135. Ring the Bells, the Lord Has Ris­en
  136. Ring the Joy-Bells, Christ Has Ris­en
  137. Roll on, Bright Gold­en Wave
  138. Room for Je­sus
  139. Safe the Glo­ry Je­sus
  140. Sandal Worn Our Wea­ry Feet
  141. Savior Hath Called Thee, The
  142. Shall We Meet Our Dear Friends
  143. Shall We Reach the Home in Glo­ry
  144. Shout, Shout Along Life’s Jour­ney
  145. Sing the Praise of Christ the Lord
  146. Sky with Clouds Is Ov­er­cast, The
  147. Soft and Low the Gen­tle Ze­phyrs
  148. Soft and Low the Spir­it Whis­pers
  149. Soft and Sweet the Spir­it Whis­pers
  150. Soldier of Christ Are You
  151. Some Day We Shall Lay
  152. Sow Ye Be­side the Flow­ing Wa­ters
  153. Speak, O Speak to Me of Je­sus
  154. Spreading the News of Sal­va­tion
  155. Storm Cloud Is Dark, The
  156. Suffer the Child­ren to Come un­to Me
  157. Sweet Are the Flow­ers in Their Won­der­ful Birth
  158. Sweet Hope, the An­chor of My Soul
  159. Sweet Songs the Fa­ther Gives Us
  160. Sweet the Words of Je­sus
  161. Sweetly Are the Birds Sing­ing
  162. Sweetly the Birds Are Sing­ing
  163. Take Me to the Pre­cious Foun­tain
  164. There Are Man­sions of Love in the Eden Above
  165. There Are Songs in the Winds
  166. There’s a Feast by Je­sus Spread
  167. There’s a Home in a Beau­ti­ful Bow­er
  168. There’s a Light That Is Shin­ing To­day
  169. There’s a Man­sion, Bright and Shin­ing
  170. There’s a Song to Sing, and a Note to Ring
  171. There’s Beau­ty Amaz­ing­ly
  172. There’s Light at the Cross
  173. They Tell Me a Sto­ry of Won­der­ful Love
  174. Thou Shalt Rest at Eve
  175. Thy Life Is Hid with Christ in God
  176. Tidings of Joy, O Send Them Afar
  177. ’Tis Sweet to Lie in the Lov­ing Arms
  178. ’Tis the Grace of Je­sus
  179. ’Tis the Pur­pose of Love Di­vine
  180. To Whom Shall We Go?
  181. Twilight Is Fad­ing Away, The
  182. Waiting, Wait­ing for the Mas­ter
  183. We Are Com­ing One and All to the Lamb
  184. We Are Com­ing to the Sav­ior
  185. We Are Hap­py Lit­tle Sol­diers
  186. We Are March­ing, We Are March­ing, List and Hear
  187. We Are Mov­ing To­ward the City
  188. We Come at the Sav­ior’s Call
  189. We Come with Joy and Glad­ness
  190. We Dream of a Beau­ti­ful Home
  191. We Oft­en Meet and Kind­ly Greet
  192. We Praise the Dear Sav­ior
  193. We Shall Cross the Swell­ing Jor­dan
  194. We Will Fol­low Our Guide
  195. We Would See Je­sus
  196. Weak and Wea­ry Are You Wait­ing
  197. Weary Soul with Sin Op­pressed
  198. Weary Tra­vel­er in the De­sert
  199. Weary Watch­ers for the Morn­ing
  200. We’ll Ne­ver Say Good­bye
  201. We’ll Sing the Praise of Je­sus Who Bought Us
  202. We’ll Tar­ry at the Cross of Je­sus
  203. We’re a No­ble Band of Sol­diers
  204. We’ve a Friend in Realms Above
  205. We’ve Ga­thered in­to Line To­day
  206. What Can I Do for Je­sus?
  207. What Can Sink­ing Hearts Sus­tain?
  208. What Can the Sav­ior Do?
  209. When from Guilt I Would Be Free
  210. When Open Swings the Gold­en Gate
  211. When the Pur­ple Morn Is Break­ing
  212. When the Way Seems Long and Drea­ry
  213. When Wea­ry with the Tri­als of the Day
  214. While Sail­ing ov­er the Sea of Life
  215. Who Is Ready for the Bat­tle
  216. Who Is Thy Bro­ther?
  217. Whosoever Will May Come (some­times at­trib­ut­ed to her hus­band)
  218. With Friends on Earth We Meet in Glad­ness
  219. Work for Je­sus, Ev­er Sow­ing
  220. Would You Find a Sure Re­treat
  221. Years, the Years Are Glid­ing By, The

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