Circa 1869–?

We have little data on this author, except that Chandler was her married name. A 1911 report from the Methodist North Indiana Conference shows her living in Pennville, Indiana. At one time, she was president of the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The 1940 census lists her in Imperial, California.

  1. Amid the Blessings Round Our Pathway Strewn
  2. Are You Fearful in This World of Sin?
  3. As I Read the Story Olden
  4. Awake, Arise, the Master Comes
  5. Battle Is On, ’Tis the Lord Who Commands It, The
  6. Dear Soul, Far Away from the Savior
  7. Harvest Fields Are Waving with the Ripened Grain
  8. Have You Heard the Call, O Christian?
  9. Hear Again the Blessed Story
  10. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Saying
  11. I Trust in Thee
  12. In the Shadows Dark and Dreary Long I Wandered
  13. List, How He Pleads from Calvary
  14. Make Christ Your King
  15. March Along, O Soldier, Brave and True
  16. More Like Jesus
  17. My Soul Was Heavy Burdened and Oppressed
  18. O Sing with Joy and Gladness
  19. O Tell Again the Story Ever New
  20. O the Wonderful Love of My Savior
  21. O’er Judah’s Plain, Long Years Ago
  22. Scatter Joy and Gladness All
  23. See the Happy Birdlings
  24. See the Hosts Advancing! Fall in Line, O Soldier
  25. Sing, O Sing with Joy and Gladness
  26. Sunlight of His Love, The
  27. Though Cares About Thy Pathway Like Billows of the Sea
  28. Though Shadows Gather and the Way Seems Long
  29. Victory in Jesus’ Name
  30. We Hail Thee, O Flag of Our Nation
  31. Weary One Afar from Jesus
  32. When I Was Lost in Sin
  33. With Me All the Way
  34. Wonderful Savior Is Jesus to Me, A
  35. Ye Who Now Sit in Darkness