December 12, 1718, Read­ing, Eng­land.

July 4, 1755, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Moravian Cemetery (Shar­on’s Gar­den), Chel­sea, Eng­land.

Plaque on Moravian Church
Gracehill, Ireland

Cennick had thought of becoming a surveyor, but after meeting the Wes­leys, he joined them in their work.

In 1740, he became a teacher at Kings­wood, on the recommendation of John Wes­ley.

Later, he joined the Mo­ra­vi­ans, and visited their head­quar­ters at Herrnhut, but he spent much of his time as an itinerant evangelist in Bri­tain. A street was named after him in Grace­hill, Ire­land, where the local Mo­ra­vi­an church has a plaque in his honor.

Cennick’s works include:

Additional works appeared posthumously in J. Swert­ner’s Mo­ra­vi­an Hymn Book, 1789.

  1. Be Present at Our Table, Lord
  2. Brethren, Let Us Join to Bless
  3. Children of the Heavenly King
  4. Ere I Sleep, for Every Favor
  5. How Many Years Has Man Been Driven
  6. I Love the Lord, Who Died for Me
  7. Jesus, My All, to Heaven Is Gone
  8. Lo! He Cometh!
  9. Savior and Regenerator
  10. Thou Dear Redeemer, Dying Lamb
  11. We Sing to Thee, Thou Son of God
  12. We Thank Thee, Lord