Born: March 18, 1775, Mat­lock, Der­by­shire, Eng­land.

Died: No­vem­ber 7, 1852, Bewd­ley, Wor­ces­ter­shire, Eng­land.


Born to poor par­ents, Ca­wood had lit­tle for­mal edu­ca­tion as a child, but at age 18 he was en­gaged in the ser­vice of Rev. Mr. Cur­sham, Sut­ton-in-Ash­field, Not­ting­ham­shire.

In 1797, af­ter three years of stu­dy un­der Cur­sham’s di­rec­tion, Ca­wood en­tered St. Ed­mund Hall at Ox­ford.

He gra­du­at­ed in 1801, took Ho­ly Or­ders, and be­came suc­cess­ive­ly cur­ate of Ribs­ford and Dowles, and in­cum­bent of St. Ann’s Ch­apel of Ease, Bewd­ley, Wor­ces­ter­shire.


Nine of his 17 hymns ap­peared in Cot­ter­ill’s Se­lec­tion, 8th edi­tion, 1819. Three oth­ers ap­peared in Ly­ra Bri­tan­ni­ca, 1867.



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