Dissident Cemetery, Mad­rid, Spain.

Born into a humble Span­ish family, Cas­tro came to Christ as an adult, and became associated with Juan Bau­ti­sta Ca­bre­ra.

In his later years he was ordained a pastor in the Span­ish Reformed Church.

  1. Dad Loor a Dios
  2. Sólo a Ti, Dios y Señor
  3. Ven, Amigo, al Dul­ce Je­sús
  1. La Tierna Voz del Sal­va­dor
  2. Santa Bib­lia, pa­ra Mí
  3. ¿Te Sien­tes Ca­si Re­suel­to Ya?
  4. Ven a Cristo, Ven Ahora
  5. ¡Oh Jóvenes, Venid!