November 27, 1849, Warren County, Indiana.

July 3, 1930, South Gate, California.

Angeles Abbey Memorial Park, Compton, California.

Cassel was educated as a doctor, and practiced in Hastings, Nebraska. Around 1910, he entered the ministry. Ordained in Denver, Colorado, he pastored at the Bethel Baptist Church, Denver (1911-17) & the First Baptist Church, Fort Morgan, Colorado (1919-21). His wife was composer Flora Cassel.

  1. Borne on the Wings of a Chilling Blast
  2. Coming King of Kings
  3. Do You Hear Those Voices Sound?
  4. Down the Dark and Gloomy Pathway
  5. Far Out upon the Stormy Deep
  6. Homeward Bound We Take
  7. I Am a Stranger Here
  8. I Am Trusting Jesus Only
  9. I Bring My All with Incense Sweet
  10. I Essayed to Walk Alone
  11. I Look Away Across the Sea
  12. Jesus Divine and Holy
  13. Just a Touch of Jesus
  14. King’s Business, The
  15. Lo the Summer Sun Is Spreading
  16. Lord, Have Mercy on Our Nation
  17. Loyalty to Christ
  18. O ’Tis Coming, Night Is Breaking Away
  19. See the Sower and the Reaper
  20. She Only Touched the Hem of the Garment
  21. Sheep Has Wandered by Field and Fountain, A
  22. There Were Lonely Hearts at Bethany
  23. There’s a River of Life, Pure as Crystal
  24. ’Tis the God That Fulfills
  25. Upon the Western Plain There Comes the Signal Strain
  26. We Are Marching, Marching
  27. We’re on the March at God’s Command
  28. What Will You Do for the Wayward Boy?
  29. Whenever I Go Out to Play
  30. Wheresoever You May Go in This Busy World Below

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