November 18, 1849, Baltimore, Maryland.

August 23, 1928, Catonsville, Maryland.

Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

Carter attended the Pennsylvania Military Academy, West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he was a star athlete. After graduation in 1867, he stayed there to teach chemistry, natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics. He moved to California around 1873, but only stayed there three years. In 1887, he was ordained a Methodist minister. In 1891, he co-edited Hymns of the Christian Life with Albert Simpson. Eventually, Carter moved from the ministry into medicine, finishing his career as a doctor in Baltimore, Maryland. His works include:

  1. Amid a World of Sin, O My Soul
  2. At the Fount I Stand, Neath the Bleeding Hand
  3. Away from My Father, Away from My Home
  4. Be Not Afraid, My Lord
  5. Behold, Behold the Lamb of God
  6. Blood’s Applied, My Soul Is Free, The
  7. Breathe upon Us
  8. Buried with Christ and Raised with Him, Too
  9. By Jordan’s Rushing Stream I Stand
  10. Cleansing Balm
  11. Come, All Ye Saints, Salute Your King
  12. Come and See the Flowing Fountain
  13. Come for the Invitation Is Urgent
  14. Come, Holy Ghost! to Thee I Cry
  15. Come to Jesus Now, and He Will Give You Rest
  16. Cross of Christ! Lead Onward
  17. Cry Comes Up from the Darkness, A
  18. Day Is Done, Night Has Come
  19. Did You Hear What Jesus Said to Me?
  20. Down at the Cross, on Calvary’s Mountain
  21. Draw Me Close to Thy Bleeding Side
  22. Dreadful Sound Rings in My Ears, A
  23. From Calvary’s Fountain, Lord
  24. Glad New Song of Peace and Love, A
  25. Glory to God! Redeemed Ones Sing
  26. Hark to the Story
  27. Hope of the Ages, The
  28. I Believe That God in Mercy
  29. I Can Sing Now the Song of the Blood Ransomed
  30. I Have Found the Dearest Friend
  31. I Love Thee, My Savior
  32. I Saw a Blood Washed Pilgrim
  33. I Will Sing of a Time, of a Land, and a King
  34. I’m Saved by the Blood, O, Praise the Lord!
  35. I’m Trusting, I’m Trusting
  36. I’m Walking Now in Beulah Land
  37. I’m Weary of This Load of Sin
  38. In Every Tribe and Every Nation
  39. In Hours, ’Neath Sunny Skies
  40. In the Ark
  41. Into the World, a Light I Come
  42. Jesus, Bleeding One, Save Me
  43. Jesus, for Me Thy Blood Was Spilt
  44. Jesus, Here I Bring My All
  45. Jesus Is the Light, the Way
  46. Jesus Is Victor, His Work Is Complete
  47. Jesus, My Faith I Now Confess
  48. Jesus My Savior Is All Things to Me
  49. Jesus! The Very Thought of Thee
  50. Jesus, Thou Ever Art the Same
  51. Lift Your Heads! Lift Your Heads!
  52. Light of the Word Shineth Brighter, The
  53. Lord, I Come to Thee for Life
  54. Lord, I Need Thy Saving Power
  55. Lord, I Pray Thee for a Blessing
  56. Lord, I See Thee Come
  57. Lord Is My Rock, My Fortress, My God, The
  58. My Lord, My Light, My Life
  59. Lord Shall Arise, Shall Arise upon Thee, The
  60. O Glory Hallelujah, Sound the Joyful Strain
  61. O Jesus, Lord, Thy Dying Love
  62. O Lamb of God! To Thee I Cry
  63. O My Gracious Lord, Now Set Me Free
  64. O Sinner, Come Along with Me
  65. O the Light of Heaven Lies
  66. O, the Rocks and the Mountains Shall All Flee Away
  67. Oh! Come to the Cross Where Jesus Bled and Died
  68. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Dearest Lord!
  69. Oh, Lift Your Heads, Ye Heavenly Gates!
  70. Oh, the Joy of the Lord
  71. Oh, What Joy and Peace I Know
  72. Onward Marching, Who, Who Is He?
  73. Over the River, Our Sinfulness Bearing
  74. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let Us Sing
  75. Reach Out a Helping Hand
  76. Redeeming Love! How Sweet the Sound
  77. Rest to the Weary Soul and Aching Breast
  78. Savior, Breathe Thy Holy Spirit
  79. Shout Aloud, Hosanna, to the King of Kings!
  80. Spirit of Burning! Quickly Descend
  81. Standing on the Promises
  82. Sweet and Low, Sweet and Low, Jesus, My Lord
  83. Take My Life, and Let It Be
  84. Savior Speaks, O, Hear Him Say, The
  85. There’s a Fountain, Freely Flowing
  86. Though Swelling Storms Prevail
  87. Thro’ the Opened Gates of Glory
  88. Thy Will Be Done! to Jesus’ Feet
  89. ’Tis Long Since Jesus Found Me
  90. To Him That Overcometh
  91. Trusting in Jesus There’s Release from Sin
  92. We’re Marching to Immanuel’s Land
  93. What a Reaping!
  94. Where the Living Waters Flow
  95. While the Battle of Life Is Raging
  96. Ye Sons of God, Awake, Arise in Might!
  1. Mercy of God Is an Ocean Divine, The
  2. O Jesus, Jesus
  3. Once I Was Far in Sin