No­vem­ber 18, 1849, Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

Au­gust 23, 1928, Ca­tons­ville, Mar­y­land.

Green­mount Ce­me­te­ry, Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

Carter at­tend­ed the Penn­syl­van­ia Mil­i­tary Acad­e­my, West Ches­ter, Penn­syl­van­ia, where he was a star ath­lete.

After gra­du­a­tion in 1867, he stayed there to teach chem­is­try, na­tur­al sci­enc­es, en­gin­eer­ing, and math­e­ma­tics. He moved to Ca­li­for­nia around 1873, but stayed on­ly three years.

In 1887, Carter was or­dained a Me­thod­ist min­is­ter. In 1891, he co-edited Hymns of the Chris­tian Life with Al­bert Simp­son. Ev­ent­u­al­ly, Car­ter moved from the min­is­try in­to me­di­cine, fin­ish­ing his ca­reer as a doc­tor in Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

His works in­clude:

  1. Amid a World of Sin, O My Soul
  2. At the Fount I Stand, Neath the Bleed­ing Hand
  3. Away from My Fa­ther
  4. Be Not Afraid, My Lord
  5. Beautiful Light, The
  6. Behold, Be­hold the Lamb of God
  7. Blood’s Ap­plied, My Soul Is Free, The
  8. Breathe up­on Us
  9. Buried with Christ and Raised with Him, Too
  10. By Jor­dan’s Rush­ing Stream I Stand
  11. Cleansing Balm
  12. Come, All Ye Saints, Sa­lute Your King
  13. Come and See the Flow­ing Foun­tain
  14. Come, for the In­vi­tation Is Ur­gent
  15. Come, Ho­ly Ghost! to Thee I Cry
  16. Come to Je­sus Now
  17. Cross of Christ! Lead On­ward
  18. Cry Comes Up from the Dark­ness, A
  19. Day Is Done, Night Has Come
  20. Did You Hear What Je­sus Said to Me?
  21. Draw Me Close to Thy Bleed­ing Side
  22. Dreadful Sound Rings in My Ears, A
  23. From Cal­va­ry’s Foun­tain, Lord
  24. Glad New Song of Peace and Love, A
  25. Glory to God! Re­deemed Ones Sing
  26. Hark to the Sto­ry
  27. Hope of the Ag­es, The
  28. I Be­lieve That God in Mer­cy
  29. I Can Sing Now the Song of the Blood Ran­somed
  30. I Have Found the Dear­est Friend
  31. I Love Thee, My Sav­ior
  32. I Saw a Blood Washed Pil­grim
  33. I Will Sing of a Time, of a Land, and a King
  34. I’m Saved by the Blood, O, Praise the Lord!
  35. I’m Trust­ing, I’m Trust­ing
  36. I’m Walk­ing Now in Beu­lah Land
  37. I’m Wea­ry of This Load of Sin
  38. In Ev­ery Tribe and Every Na­tion
  39. In Hours, ’Neath Sun­ny Skies
  40. In the Ark
  41. Into the World, a Light I Come
  42. Jesus, Bleed­ing One, Save Me
  43. Jesus, for Me Thy Blood Was Spilt
  44. Jesus, Here I Bring My All
  45. Jesus Is Vic­tor, His Work Is Com­plete
  46. Jesus, My Faith I Now Con­fess
  47. Jesus My Sav­ior Is All Things to Me
  48. Jesus! The Ve­ry Thought of Thee
  49. Jesus, Thou Ev­er Art the Same
  50. Lift Your Heads! Lift Your Heads!
  51. Light of the Word Shin­eth Bright­er, The
  52. Lord, I Come to Thee for Life
  53. Lord, I Need Thy Sav­ing Pow­er
  54. Lord, I Pray Thee for a Bless­ing
  55. Lord, I See Thee Come
  56. Lord Is My Rock, My For­tress, My God, The
  57. My Lord, My Light, My Life
  58. Lord Shall Arise, Shall Arise up­on Thee, The
  59. O Glo­ry Hal­le­lu­jah, Sound the Joy­ful Strain
  60. O Je­sus, Lord, Thy Dy­ing Love
  61. O Lamb of God! To Thee I Cry
  62. O My Gra­cious Lord, Now Set Me Free
  63. O Sin­ner, Come Along with Me
  64. O the Light of Hea­ven Lies
  65. O, the Rocks and the Moun­tains Shall All Flee Away
  66. Oh! Come to the Cross Where Je­sus Bled and Died
  67. Oh, Je­sus, Je­sus, Dear­est Lord!
  68. Oh, Lift Your Heads, Ye Hea­ven­ly Gates!
  69. Oh, the Joy of the Lord
  70. Oh, What Joy and Peace I Know
  71. Onward March­ing, Who, Who Is He?
  72. Over the Ri­ver, Our Sin­ful­ness Bear­ing
  73. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let Us Sing
  74. Reach Out a Help­ing Hand
  75. Redeeming Love! How Sweet the Sound
  76. Rest to the Wea­ry Soul and Ach­ing Breast
  77. Salvation’s Ri­ver
  78. Savior, Breathe Thy Ho­ly Spir­it
  79. Shout Aloud, Ho­san­na
  80. Spirit of Burn­ing! Quick­ly Des­cend
  81. Standing on the Pro­mis­es
  82. Sweet and Low, Sweet and Low, Je­sus, My Lord
  83. Take My Life, and Let It Be
  84. Savior Speaks, O, Hear Him Say, The
  85. There’s a Foun­tain, Free­ly Flow­ing
  86. Though Swell­ing Storms Pre­vail
  87. Thro’ the Op­ened Gates of Glo­ry
  88. Thy Will Be Done! to Je­sus’ Feet
  89. ’Tis Long Since Je­sus Found Me
  90. To Him That Ov­er­com­eth
  91. Trusting in Je­sus There’s Re­lease from Sin
  92. We’re March­ing to Im­man­u­el’s Land
  93. What a Reap­ing!
  94. Where the Liv­ing Wa­ters Flow
  95. While the Bat­tle of Life Is Rag­ing
  96. Ye Sons of God, Awake, Arise in Might!
  1. Međugorje
  2. Mercy of God Is an Ocean Di­vine, The
  3. O Je­sus, Je­sus
  4. Once I Was Far in Sin