20th Century

Copyright records indicate Carr was living in Sheldon, North Dakota, in 1899; Afton, New York, in 1901; and Los Angeles, California, in 1915.

  1. Are You Struggling on Life’s Pathway?
  2. Far and Near, Spread
  3. He Loved You So Much That He Yielded His Life
  4. Hear the Tramp, Tramp of the Army
  5. His Love Will Sweeten Every Bitter Cup
  6. I Know Not Where the Lord May Lead
  7. I Love to Be Alone with God
  8. I Need Not Lack for Inward Power
  9. I Ought, Therefore I Can
  10. I’m a Child of Noble Kinship
  11. I’ve Found the Way to Victory
  12. Let My Lips Be Used for Christ My King
  13. Love Knows the Way Through Wilderness
  14. My Soul Was Lost, the Way Was Drear
  15. Not a Sigh Nor a Tear
  16. Only but for Adam’s Fall
  17. Someone Is Bearing a Burden of Grief
  18. There’s a Song in My Heart Like a Foretaste of Heaven
  19. Though Life’s Changing Values May Vanish Away
  20. Truth Will Ne’er Be Revealed
  21. When You Need a Friend to Help
  22. Whenever You Are Tempted by Some Besetting Sin
  23. With a Life to Live Before Me