September 17, 1841, Richland, New York.

Jefferson County, New York.

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chaumont, New York.

Daughter of Zenas Carey (1792–1873) and Olive Brown (1801–1883), Rosalthe was blind from childhood. She was living in Chaumont, New York, in 1910.

  1. Be Like the Flower
  2. Bring the Little Ones Into the Fold
  3. Brother, Sister, Watch and Pray
  4. Come Home, from the Midnight of Error
  5. Get Acquainted with Jesus
  6. Have the Millions Been Told of the Banquet?
  7. I Was Lost Mid Sin’s Dark Mountains
  8. Let Him into Your Heart
  9. Let Me Tell You What Faith Can Do
  10. My Friend, Have You Nothing to Say?
  11. O How Do We Stand with Our Savior?
  12. O Knowledge So Sweet
  13. O Speak Not the Bitter Thoughts Burning
  14. Oh, Sigh Not in Sorrow
  15. Souls, Get Ready for the Coming
  16. Sound the Glad News
  17. Tell It Over Again
  18. ’Tis for You and for Me
  19. There Is Only One Gem Worth Possessing
  20. Walking with God, Beautiful Thought
  21. We Children Have Learned a Sweet Story
  22. What a Brother We’ve Found in the Savior
  23. Why Stand You Afar from the Savior?