No­vem­ber 25, 1871, Cha­nute, Kan­sas.

May 25, 1937, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Mabel was the daugh­ter of a bank­er, and wife of law­yer Nor­man Har­vey Camp.

A gift­ed pi­an­ist and sing­er, Ma­bel went to a girls’ school in Steu­ben­ville, Ohio. She and her hus­band be­came Chris­tians to­geth­er at one of Dwight Moody’s Bi­ble Un­ion class­es taught by Will­iam New­ell. Ma­bel and Nor­man were mem­bers of the Moody Mem­or­i­al Church.

  1. Behold the Man of Ga­li­lee
  2. Faith in the Word of God
  3. God Says Who­so­ev­er Be­lieves on His Son
  4. He Is Liv­ing Again Who Was Nailed to the Cross
  5. I Take Thy Bo­dy, Brok­en, Lord, for Me
  6. Just A-Wear­y­ing for You
  7. Let Us Come in Full As­sur­ance
  8. Lift Up Your Heads, Pil­grims A-Weary
  9. Long Years My Heart Had Care­less Been
  10. O Child of God’s Love, Have You Suf­fered Defeat?
  11. O Name of Names the Dear­est
  12. Others Saw the Gi­ants
  13. Pilgrim, in Thy Up­ward Jour­ney
  14. Though Now Our Paths Must Se­ver
  15. Wondrous Mer­cy Di­vine
  1. Faith in the Word of God
  2. I Know of a Name
  3. He Is Com­ing Again