June 24, circa 1565, Wodnian, Bohemia (now Vodňany, Czech Republic).

December 13, 1622, Prague.

Campanus attended the University of Prague (BA 1592, MA 1596), and in 1592 became master at Iglau (now Jihlava), thereafter at Teplitz (now Teplice), and then professor at Königingratz (now Hradec Králové). In 1596 he was appointed Rector of the St. Heinrich school in the Neustadt, Prague, and in 1600 Rector at Kuttenberg (now Kutná Hora). Ultimately, he became Professor of Greek and Latin and of Bohemian History at the University of Prague, where he was for a while Dean of the Philosophical Faculty, and in 1612 Rector of the University. His works include:

  1. Rorando Coeli Defluant
  2. Veni Redemptor Gentium

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