November 25, 1871, Chanute, Kansas.

May 25, 1937, Chicago, Illinois.

A banker’s daughter, gifted pianist and singer, Mabel went to a girls’ school in Steubenville, Ohio. She married lawyer Norman H. Camp, and they became Christians together at one of Dwight Moody’s Bible Union classes taught by William Newell. She and her husband were members of the Moody Memorial Church.

  1. Behold the Man of Galilee
  2. Faith in the Word of God
  3. God Says Whosoever Believes on His Son
  4. He Is Living Again Who Was Nailed to the Cross
  5. I Take Thy Body, Broken, Lord, for Me
  6. Just A-Wearying for You
  7. Let Us Come in Full Assurance
  8. Lift Up Your Heads, Pilgrims A-Weary
  9. Long Years My Heart Had Careless Been
  10. O Child of God’s Love, Have You Suffered Defeat?
  11. O Name of Names the Dearest
  12. Others Saw the Giants
  13. Pilgrim, in Thy Upward Journey
  14. Though Now Our Paths Must Sever
  15. Wondrous Mercy Divine
  1. Faith in the Word of God
  2. I Know of a Name
  3. He Is Coming Again