January 3, 1858, Middletown, Connecticut.

February 1, 1946. The funeral was held at Asylum Hill Congregational Church in Hartford, Connecticut.

Indian Hill Cemetery, Middletown, Connecticut.


Camp graduated from Wesleyan University in 1878 and received a Master of Arts in 1881. He went on to study law, but found that music was his true vocation. In 1882, he became organist at the Park Congregational Church in Hartford, Connecticut, and in 1906 organist at the Center Church in Hartford, Connecticut. He left the Center Church in 1921 to become director of the Austin Organ Company. He was awarded a Doctorate in Music by Trinity College in 1921, and a second doctorate from Wesleyan University in 1933.

Camp was a founder of the American Guild of Organists, 1896 and was President of the Connecticut Music Teachers’ Guild, 1898. For many years he conducted the Hartford Philharmonic Orchestra, which he organized. Among his benefactions is the John Spencer Camp Professorship of Music at Wesleyan University.

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