December 12, 1861, Crestline, Ohio.

September 15, 1948, Marblehead, Ohio.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio.

Daughter of Samuel and Mary McMahon Case, Lura married Lemuel (Lee) Warner in 1884. After his death from typhoid fever in 1888, she married George Callin of Bowling Green, Ohio. Lura’s works include:

  1. Bluebird Sits in the Apple Tree, A
  2. Children’s Army, The
  3. Light upon the Way, The
  4. Robin Tilts upon a Bough, The
  5. There’s a Strong and Youthful Army
  6. We All Have a Place
  7. We Come from the Field
  8. When Mary Sought the Tomb
  9. When the Sun Through Kindling Azure