Ju­ly 2, 1880, Dub­lin, Ire­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 19, 1931, Dub­lin, Irel­and.

A linguist, Byrne attended the Do­min­i­can Con­vent in Dub­lin, and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Ire­land, where she graduated in 1905.

She worked for the Board of In­ter­med­i­ate Ed­u­ca­tion, and helped compile the Catalog of the Royal Iri­sh Academy. She also contributed to the Old and Mid-Ir­ish Dictionary and Dic­tion­a­ry of the Ir­ish Lang­uage, and wrote a treatise on Eng­land in the Age of Chau­cer.

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